Infiniti will search in Russia talented engineers

Infiniti will search in Russia talented engineers

Anastasia Korolkova, 22 minutes ago. Photo: Red Bull Racing

The selection of young engineers runs in more than ten countries, including Australia, USA, UK, Germany, China, Canada, the UAE and Russia. The three winners will receive annual training on the basis of the Red Bull Racing team in Milton Keynes, England.

P proizvoditeli has long been looking for new personnel among young people. To recall the numerous contests, initiated by the auto companies, aimed at the search of talented designers among students. But if similar events are held regularly, the same selection of engineers, the firms rarely practised. And, finally, the company Infiniti decided to go to the people, opening in Russia «School sports engineering».

The jury of the contest included the first persons of the Infiniti team Red Bull Racing, and global CEO Formula 1 Andreas Siegl, with whom we could talk last year.

In March, has already started the search for talent in Russian technical universities: Moscow state University, Bauman MSTU, long Gubkin, MSTU «Stankin», Moscow engineering physics Institute, Moscow aviation Institute, MATI — and in other specialized universities. At the moment passes the first stage of competition applications, which will last until April 11. Finalists will be announced in July at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. As the main prize promise a three-year training at the «Red bulls» in England. However, we assume that started all this not at all with the aim to employ a young engineer in «formula» command (where and so many who want to get). Most likely, the most promising Russian students will find application at Nissan.

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