Italians presented the most powerful Fiat Abarth 595

Italians presented the most powerful Fiat Abarth 595

Robert Есенов, 15 hours ago. Photo: Fiat

Alloy 17-inch wheels and exhaust system with valve-regulation are standard hatchback Fiat Abarth 595 50th Anniversario.

R size, shape, speed and spirit. In September 1963, these four components of the brand Abarth embodied in a car — хэтчбеке Fiat Abarth 595. Since then passed half a century, but the covenants Carlo Абарта are still topical. This can be judged by the jubilee трехдверке Fiat Abarth 595 50th Anniversario, which will present to the public in September, but not at the motor show in Turin and at the motor show in Frankfurt. According to the Italians, the «charged» hatchback — the most powerful representative of the series 595 for all history. All will be done 299 similar machines.

Jubilee Abarth 595 will only be available in this color and only with family stickers on the side.

Two-tone upholstery and stitching red threads should remind about the original Абарте 595 sample 1963.

The first Fiat Abarth 595, which debuted in September 1963 at the motor show in Turin. And he is not lost among other Prime Lamborghini 350 GTV and Maserati Quattroporte first generation.

Stunning Abarth 595 50th Anniversario equipped with four-cylinder turbo engine 1.4 T-Jet, from which the shot 180 forces and 250 N•m (as at Абартов series 695). Other modern 595-e is greater than 160 forces not developed. Rumored to spurt up to hundreds of machines with robotic gearbox takes no more than seven seconds. The possibilities of motor adapted and chassis: aggravated steering, reconfigure the shock absorbers and springs, established Brembo brakes with 305-mm drives and четырехпоршневыми calipers on the front axle.

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