Jeep Jeep Cherokee for Europe added two diesel

Jeep Jeep Cherokee for Europe added two diesel

Leonid Popov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Jeep, Fiat, Dodge

Version of the Jeep Cherokee for Europe (on the photo) looks almost identical to the American, who in the corners of the «eye» are orange inserts Yes number plates of different size. European prices for a novelty yet, but in the US car starts at $995 22.

E European variant of the model Jeep Cherokee celebrates premiere in Geneva in March of this year, and on sale in the Old world will be available in the second quarter. In the filling and design a car almost exactly repeats the American version. The main innovation of the model: the Europeans offer 2.0 diesel Multijet II, complete with system start/stop. Moreover, the motor will be available in two versions форсировке: 170 HP, 350 N•m and 140 PS, 350 N•m the First of them is combined with девятиступенчатым «automatic», and the second with six-speed «mechanics». In addition to diesel motors Europe will offer a petrol motor Pentastar V6 3.2 (272 PS, 315 N•m).

Фиатовский 2.0 diesel Multijet II equipped with power-type common rail pressure of 1600 bar, electromagnetic nozzles and a turbocharger with variable geometry. It is curious that we know engine, which is the closest «relative», — it 2.0 CDTI Opel company (such as, say, occurs on Of insignia). The intersection of two structures remains from a brief period of cooperation between GM and Fiat in engines.

The interior of the European Cherokee almost one to one copy overseas option. Unless speedometer marked in kilometers per hour. In Europe the model will be offered in versions of Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk, and in Russia and Sports.

In Europe the Cherokee join models Wrangler, Compass and Grand Cherokee. They, incidentally, also a ruler of motors in Europe and America the cross is not completely. In particular, Рэнглера and Compass in the Old world is diesel options. There will be one difference in motors: Russia and the middle East will be offered version of the Cherokee, present in the United States but not in Europe: this SUV with motor 2.4 Tigershark MultiAir2 (combined with «automatic»), outstanding 177 HP and 229 N•m

Engine 2.4 Tigershark MultiAir2 known model Dodge Dart. In this unit Chrysler uses фиатовскую technology MultiAir is an electro-hydraulic system variable valve timing and lift height of the intake valves, which replaces the throttle.

As soon as we are talking about Russia. At the end of January in our country were presented model Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited in a limited series of Polar. From conventional counterparts these machines are a black border of the grille, the hardtop in body color and the same colouring casing of a spare wheel, the original engine and a filling neck from Mopar, 18-inch alloy wheels with black glossy inserts, expanders wheel arches in the body color and a limited-slip rear differential Trac-Lok the basic equipment.

On the wing machines visible emblem Polar, which marked the coordinates of Vostok station — 78 degrees South latitude and 106 degrees East longitude. Here 21 July 1983 was registered the lowest temperature on the planet — minus 89.2 per degrees Celsius.

In salon of innovations leather armchairs with the logo of the Polar, heated and mother of pearl stitching. Door handles, handrail on the front panel and the rings on the baffles are painted white.

SUVs Wrangler Polar will be offered with both engines available for regular version: 2.8 diesel and petrol unit 3.6. Loaded Polar relatively rich, for example there are Alpine audio system, navigation system, automatic climate control, cruise. For special series has a new body color Hydra Blue, but the car can be obtained in white and silver color. The cars all series Polar 1 993 000 rubles for двухдверку with the gasoline engine to 2 225 500 PP четырехдверку with diesel. And it is 200 thousand rubles more expensive than similar SUVs in picking Sahara, on which is based the series of Polar.

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