Kay car Suzuki Alto Turbo RS was released on the Japanese market

Kay car Suzuki Alto Turbo RS was released on the Japanese market

Konstantin Bolotov, 20 hours ago. Photo: Suzuki

Length — 3395 mm, width and height — 1475. Wheelbase — 2460 mm Shoes — 15-inch tires Bridgestone Potenza RE050A.

In asmae generation kei-car Suzuki Alto was introduced in Japan at the end of last year. Hot turbo cars then had the status of a concept. Now she’s with minimal modification got on the pipeline and is already available for order. Prices for front-wheel modification begin with 1 293 840 yen ($10 650), four-wheel drive with 1 405 080 ($11 566). To sell the «lighter» outside the home market, Suzuki has no plans.

«Er-es» is offered in three body colors: white, red and black. The «civil» Alto, which, by the way, is $3000 cheaper colors in a dozen.

Engine with turbocharger at minicar relatively new: the three-cylinder dvenadtsatiletny R06A displacement of 660 cm3 developed in 2011. «Charged» Alto he gives 64 HP and 98 N•m (3000 rpm). Little? To have more power Kay Karam in Japan is prohibited, and is disadvantageous in terms of taxes. However, these forces «pocket rocket» like enough, because it weighs 670 or 720 kg, depending on the drive. Transmission — a five-step «robot» AGS (Auto Gear Shift), which allows to shift the transmission paddle petals. Data about the accelerating dynamics company does not.

The main differences in the salon — buckets with a pronounced lateral support, three wells of the devices instead of one, the ubiquitous red lacquer accents and inserts.

Compared with conventional Alto «er-ena» stiffer suspension, KYB shock absorbers, ventilated disc brakes front, increased approximately 5% of body stiffness in torsion. However, the Japanese emphasize that Suzuki Alto Turbo RS is convenient for everyday use: fuel consumption does not exceed 4 l/100 km (thank you for this and the system start/stop), available heated front seats, ESP and air conditioning system in the «base», as well as… pocket in the back of the front passenger seat!


Turbocharged unit appeared in the Arsenal of Alto in 1985, and the first «hot» all-wheel drive version of the Suzuki Alto Works RS-R was released in 1987); Since then, the Japanese were «charged» kei car for five generations («sports» model received indexes RS/X, RS/R RS/Z) and stopped only in December 2000, decided to concentrate on the efficiency of its minicar. All air-esok» attended the «nostril» air intake on the hood. Strange that the new Turbo RS did not inherit this feature at least in the form of imitation.

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