Kid Smart ForTwo Cabrio will be presented in autumn

Kid Smart ForTwo Cabrio will be presented in autumn

Leonid Popov, 16 hours ago. Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien, Smart

An outdoor version of the model Smart ForTwo from the source is visually almost indistinguishable.

N new one portion of spy photos showed the Smart ForTwo cabriolet without camouflage film. In the past generation outdoor option was presented simultaneously closed, and the year before with a difference of two years, and at this time the gap between the modifications will be a year.

In the Daimler confirmed that the Smart ForTwo Cabrio will appear on the market in late 2015, therefore, premieres, you can wait in Frankfurt.

The convertible will have the same line of three-cylinder engines that have a closed version (60, 71 and 90 HP), and the same choice of transmissions («robot» or «mechanics»). Later on, the market should reach and similar «lighter» from the Studio Brabus.

Introduced in March, is a closed model with inscriptions Brabus was just a showcase of the programme of identification.

The approximate form of the «charged» version in the closed and open bodies can be estimated by BRABUS presented in Geneva. From standard machines such Smart differed a long list of features in exterior and interior from exterior the color «Green lizard» to the materials trim and equipment. But the technique has not been affected, except brazovskii exhaust pipes and wheels. So boosted version of city car will have to wait.

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