Learn generalist Volkswagen Golf Variant

Learn generalist Volkswagen Golf Variant

Leonid Popov, 14 hours ago. Photo Drive and firm Volkswagen

Golf Variant 307 mm longer than the hatchback. The shape of the back of the rack and twirl down the wing from the lantern repeat branded line «seventh» of Course.

I is whether Golf Variant largely Golf than hatchback? That is correct, family-machine — Begin-ka with blitz test diesel трехдверки 1.6 TDI BlueMotion (110 PS, 250 N•m) c six-speed «mechanics». Smooth thrust diesel on secondary transmissions allows to gather pace very vigorously. The passport data declared nine seconds from 80 to 120 km/h on the fourth gear — similar to the truth.

Golf TDI BlueMotion laid easy полузависимая Balka, whereas Variant was equipped with a more advanced, but more severe многорычажкой.

With passport at 3.2 l/100 km in the combined cycle things are not so clear. Keep on the highway 70-80 km/h in localities 40-60, but by the end of the 40-km route борткомпьютер shows four liters per one hundred. Pair of red traffic lights — and already 4.1 l/100 km, while the system start/stop is activated. Позажигали on rural roads came to the six litres.

Unlike most diesels grip the Golf BlueMotion cotton. The mechanism does not allow yourself sharps, pedal as if not kept pace with the foot on the course of inclusion.

At low engine speeds felt the vibration of the power unit. Sixth talk specifically stretched. To accelerate need to switch down simply because the movement of the accelerator machine responds even more vibration without a visible result. Dynamics of bad fit with the willingness to «seventh» of Course not hesitate to respond to deviations of the steering wheel and get up on the new path without hesitation. Good chassis!

Someone from the basic foreign colleagues apathetic driving achieved from hatch TDI BlueMotion three and a half litres per 100 km’m Happy for them. Russian office Volkswagen has not yet decided whether we need such a pleasure.

Estate wins the hatchback in practicality. And to identify nuances in the behavior of the «barn»you need to listen to the vestibular system. After a sharp rebuild the machine was more than we would like повиливает stern. But in normal gameplay increase in the 74 kg grown moment of inertia around the vertical axis you hardly notice. Choosing the estate, you will not only lose the sense of the machine, which is famous for Golf, how to win practicality.

Universal seventh generation was 28 mm longer than its predecessor and by 18 mm wider. Wheelbase increased by 57 mm, and the height was reduced to 23 mm

However, in assessing the Variant, involuntarily you ask yourself one more inconvenient for фольксвагеновцев question: will the best option related Skoda Octavia Combi? Remember convertible floor, so effectively working in the Czech universal? At Volkswagen, there is a similar system, but not similar.

Compared with хэтчем Laden mass «barn» 60-80 pounds more (depending on modification and equipment). Подштамповка, passing under the door handles, and goes to the rear wing for the sake of ease of visual.

Skoda on the test really impressed with the simplicity of transformation and the number of layouts. All manipulations with raised floor performed with one hand. Golf Variant also offers two levels of raised floor can be put his house for delimitation of space, or fold shelf near the rear seat. But messing with him anymore.

Trunk volume increased to 1620 l (the model of the sixth generation was 1495 l), and the five-seat configuration to 605 l (had 505 litres). Indicator hatchback — 1270/380 HP

Octavia Combi usability trunk plays Variant. On the passport volume of the semitrailer it is also ahead (plus five liters in a five-bed option and plus 120 l, when lowered backrest the rear seat). If you believe the factory data, Octavia more loyal to the длинномерам: limit of 2.92 meters against 2,67 m Is folded front passenger seat, that perhaps not all cases Course. Yes, and the opening of the fifth door of Combi slightly broader than Option. Moreover, raising the intermediate floor, in Golf can see right niche for докатки, and in the «high-rise» boot Octavia Combi under adjustable floors-transformer hidden another polik, and only under already hidden organizer.

Of Course under the raised floor there are three removable plastic support (on the sides of the trunk and closer to the back of the rear seat). To lower the whole floor, it must first extract from the trunk and remove the bearing. They cleaned the niche for докатки.

The Germans claim that Golf has its trump card. They say, floor-transformer in Option withstand higher weight limits than the raised floor Skoda. The testing of the Golf de critical load is applied in a targeted way, and the Czechs are spread over the area of the raised floor. For transportation of something compact and heavy Golf preferable. That is, in Golf potatoes can take in a bucket, and Skoda should be spread on the floor?

Drawer under the front passenger seat small and narrow. A set of replacement wheels hidden in the left rear wing, behind the removable part of the upholstery. To remove the re-perform, should be dismantled subwoofer. Warning triangle is hidden in the upholstery of the tailgate. The roll shutters with automatic folding in addition to a fully harvested provisions there are fixed intermediate position.

Yet not defined all the range of engines available for the Variant in Russia. But it certainly is present supercharged Quartet 1.4 TSI 122 PS, 200 N•m)on the test machine. Such Variant agreeable largely thanks all the same «mechanics». He moderately dynamic and Thrifty. On rural roads under normal driving the average expense of борткомпьютеру holds around seven liters per 100 km

Backlight, hooks for bags (two hinged and two stationary), socket 12 V (optional), Luggage curtain and transverse partition hiding in the underground as a Skoda. And exactly the same as the rear seat backs are folded in one-touch by using the knobs in the trunk.

A more powerful version 1.4 TSI (140 HP and 250 N•m) with семиступенчатым «robot» DSG more willing to accelerate the move, but subjectively, it boring. It hurts so good honest manual gearbox with clear and easy switching! But more expensive machine allows to play with мехатронным chassis. Электронноуправляемые absorption can transform the machine running from placid, with soft tread of house Slippers, relevant on the common block pavement to sensitive and hard. But I would not say that it fundamentally changes the controllability of Course.

The European market Golf Variant is coming out in August, and to Russia it can get only in the first quarter of 2014.

Despite the slightly less exact controllability, in my opinion, wagon and have the correct Golf. As the quintessence of the family car. For example, with one of the new фольксвагеновских diesel engines (as yet clear whether this is in Russia 1.6 TDI 2.0 TDI). For good cargo possibility he could be forgiven excess fat. But overshadow the Octavia Combi him heavily.

Passport data

Model Volkswagen Golf plus 1.4 TSI Comfortline 90 kW Volkswagen Golf plus 1.4 TSI Comfortline 103 kW DSG Volkswagen Golf TDI BlueMotion
Body type station wagon station wagon hatchback
Number of doors/places 5/5 5/5 3/5
Length, mm 4562 4562 4255
Width, mm 1799 1799 1790
Height, mm 1481 1481 1452
Wheelbase, mm 2635 2635 2637
Track front/rear mm 1549/1520 1549/1520 1549/1520
Curb weight*, kg 1329 1368 1280
Full weight, kg 1860 1900 1740
Trunk volume, l 605 605 380
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbo charging petrol with direct fuel injection and turbo charging turbo
Location front, transverse front, transverse front, transverse
No. and arrangement of cylinders 4, in a number of 4, in a number of 4, in a number of
Number of valves 16 16 16
Working volume, cm3 1395 1395 1598
Max. power, HP/rpm 122/5000 140/4500-6000 110/3200-4000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 200/1500-4000 250/1500-3500 250/1500-3000
Transmission manual six-speed robotic seven-speed manual six-speed
Drive front front front
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link independent, spring, multi-link полузависимая, spring
Front brakes ventilated disc ventilated disc ventilated disc
Rear brakes disc disc disc
Bus 225/45 R17 225/45 R17 n
Ground clearance, mm n n n
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 204 213 200
The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h**, with 9,7 8,9 10,5
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban n n n
country cycle n n n
— combined 5,3 5,0 3,2
Norm toxicity Euro-5 Euro-5 Euro-5
Fuel tank capacity, l 50 50 50
Fuel AI-95 AI-95 diesel fuel
* Including the driver’s weight 75 kg
** When a curb weight plus 200 kg


Platform MQB the Golf Variant is identical to that of the hatchback. And similarly him for modifications motors with capacity of up to 122 PS rear is provided полузависимая beam, and with 122 PS and above — multi-link suspension. Front there is the MacPherson strut. For the first time on the universals of Golf included in basic equipment electronic imitation of cross-axle locking differential XDS+. It is integrated into the stability control system not only helps to better implement traction on slippery surface, but also contributes to the passage turns slightly подтормаживая on the arc of the inner wheel.

High-strength steel and frame details of variable thickness allowed when changing generation get on the Golf in the station wagon gain in mass right up to 105 kg This was one of the factors reducing average fuel consumption model 15%.

Model Golf TDI BlueMotion differs from the usual hatchbacks to improvements on the part of aerodynamics: the modified rear spoiler, almost covered grille and partially blocked air intake in the front bumper, optimized air channel cooling system, aerodynamic guards on the floor and dropped to 15 mm suspension. All this has allowed to receive the coefficient of circularity 0,27. Complete the picture экодоработок low viscosity oil in the transmission and tyres with low rolling resistance. The result of the theoretical reserve 1562 km.

Engine 1.6 TDI direct injection belongs to a new series EA288. Its peak torque is achieved at 1500 rpm, so that the motor is designed for a long performance at low engine speed. To further reduce the flow here applied piston rings with less tension, friction bearings on the distributor shaft, working with small losses on friction, thermal control system with rapid heating of the (separate cooling circuits of the cylinder block and head, switchable coolant pump), the system of recirculation of exhaust gases, pressure sensors in the cylinders, two stage pump oil, liquid intercooler, built into the intake manifold.

Behind the scenes

Neither universal nor маячивший in the background wedding General 30 millionth Golf could not, of course, is to distract from the study of Amsterdam and its surroundings. Here in a small space fabulous combined carefully stored old with modern buildings, there were surprisingly popular Amps, but the present dominance of cyclists can’t even speak. I can only add that developed and designated bike path we got even practically in the open field, it crossed a small road. Channels in the centre of the city there are not equipped parapets, and motorists calmly parked their cars near the edge of the quay. Well, in the end of the trip we both hopped on the ring roads Зандфорд, where the training took place bolides GT3 class.

Holland we were glad for the variety of conditions of motion. During the test, we tested the lane keeping assistant Lane Assist (option). He follows the layout and подправляет car, Cycling steering. Smooth curves of the track electronics and truth works itself — the wheel of life. Add the active cruise control — and now you almost nothing to do. Only yawn impossible. A little more sharp — and automatics surrenders, not keeping up with the curve. Terrible, because in this mode just in sleep tended. Well, that car is counting on the vigilant attention of the driver: warning signal beeps after a few seconds after the palm of even a modicum of приподнимутся over the rim of the steering wheel.

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