Looking from the past to the updated sedan Peugeot 508

Looking from the past to the updated sedan Peugeot 508

Alexei Smirnov, 3 hours ago. Photo Drive

Formally Peugeot 508 took the intermediate step between the fourth and democratic bourgeois sixth series. I took my well-preserved estate 406 to add test «five hundred eighth historical context.

And he pulled me hell to avoid congestion along the lane industrial area. «Cubs, diamonds and Christmas trees don’t repair!» A plaque on the brown gate of the car clearly gave to understand French cars strangers here. However, it is not necessary. My 15-year-old station wagon Peugeot 406 in order. But sent… Shame! This, however, is just one example of the neglect of the Russian people by the French automobile industry. What is the nature of the phenomenon? Here we are interested in. Good and suitable character has updated sedan Peugeot 508. Good, by the way, the car, but, as they say in Russia, did not go!

Europeans have plenty to choose from: sedan, wagon or its hybrid version RXH. But in Russia alternative to trichophagia no.

My friend Andrew — last hardcore «peaker». Started with «four hundred and fifth, and then was Executive «six hundred and fifth and finally, sedan 407, bought new. However, seven years later he returned to the salon Peugeot for «five hundred eighth», as you would expect. Bought a used Audi A4 Avant. Ask — why? Says — were put off by the appearance of the «Frenchman». Eyes mazalat shape of the rear lights Yes awkward sections of the rear bumper. Recently my friend more appreciative in the car appearance, convenience and economy than driving. His routes are: home, work, cottage and tube, tube, tube… So its stylish wagon — diesel.

Chrome lion cub returned to the grille and turn signals are now combined with daytime running lights. Led headlights and fog-lights perfectly illuminate the road in the dark, but to get these options can only trim Allure (1 339 000 rubles) and GT (1 689 000).

And how many of these timid as Andrew? Statistics knows: four years in Russia have implemented less than four thousand five hundred eighth! Yes, Peugeot 406 also stars in the sky are not enough, but the result in 5778 cars sold in the period from 2000 to 2004, yet convincing. And when you put «French» two generations side by side, my grandfather like and looks neater. The taste and color, of course, comrade not to find. But if the smooth body of four hundred and sixth» gaze without stopping, «five hundred eighth» and then it cuts to the sharp corners. Another plus in favor of the predecessor — the station wagon. Indeed, Peugeot 508 SW in Russia and not brought.

The quality of the interior at a very high level, and thanks to the touch screen reduced the number of buttons around the driver. Climate control is exemplary, to adequately respond to changes in the half degree. But three-mode heated front seats fry fifth point even at the minimum. Still urologists recommend: rise seat — switch off the heater.

But when comparing interiors youth prevails. Salon five hundred eighth» perfectly illustrates giant leap made by the French. The texture of the materials, build quality and the quality of small details the interior of the sedan is an example to follow. Sorry, not at all comfortable. Lowering the Cup of hot coffee into the slide holder, first and foremost, I think it would not pour the Central monitor. And the mobile phone is simply nowhere to put. Space for small Luggage lacked in directionaway car. There is no current. Unpleasant sediment remains…

Strange, but before the same front seats did not cause us real problems. And now I and my colleagues complain about the short pillow with optimal tilt. Nothing to count on a special space for rear passengers. This is not the E-class. But by the standards of D+ space gallery in prosperity, and the very comfortable sofa. The trunk is smooth neat box volume 545 HP

And the Peugeot eternal problem with the front seats. In my «four hundred sixth cushion comfortable, but the back as if designed for slouching back in a long trip flows neck. In «five hundred and eighth, on the contrary, the shape of the backrest verified successfully, the head holds a wide headrest, but the pillow is short and littered ago. Half a day pushing in traffic I numb right leg. However, over the years, already made up, because my first Peugeot model 405 I bought immediately after Andrew — in the ninety-fifth. And during this time changed the brand only twice: in two thousand with the Citroen XM in 2008 with the Fiesta ST.

For the rear view camera you will need to pay 35 000 rubles. But because of the low sensitivity and the bad location it is completely useless in the dark. The maximum that can accommodate the container in the Central tunnel, a Cup of medium size or «fifth» IPhone. Rejoice before and it wasn’t. To the question «here or with me?» always say «here». Hurry to eat in «five hundred eighth problematic: potatoes and sauces to stick anywhere, and cups with drinks and then try emptied.

No special relationship with «Pyzhik» then, of course, was not. Bought, guided by common sense: the Germans for the same money were older, poorer, and that for me is most important, is in the worst condition. It then became clear that Peugeot is not as ordinary as it seems. Own struts plant (this is the only brand that produces shock absorbers independently), complex schemes rear suspensions, the Pininfarina design. And, of course, control. On their «four hundred fifth» Andrei and used it to 110%. Got to remember scary. Even so loved me «four hundred and sixth turns not so refined. A really modern Peugeot 508…

Before we praised the 150-strong «turbochargers» in every way, and now note the lack of thrust at low speed. Up to the first hundred «five hundred eighth accelerates for an average of 9.2 with. But updated «machine» connects the accelerator with the leading wheels of the taut string — Converter configured tougher. Touched the pedal acceleration!

Having dealt with the intricate procedure of inclusion of «Drive» (the selector of the machine is heavy, with a hook), Andrew goes on a test drive. The car rides elastic, responds well to gas, but the wheel Leskovac, he says. Yes, over the years the company Peugeot much has changed. At the turn of the nineties the team podvysockogo genius of Jean Michel Buje, received from the management company carte Blanche, could do what he wanted. And it worked! The clearest example of their work — Peugeot 205 GTi. And now Gaetan Desmoulins and the company solve much more complex problems. Stupid as it sounds, but now the corporate level Peugeot schemes suspensions choose not engineers, and economists. Here’s a cheap rear beam for «Denis pyzhikov» or smaller «memorycache» such as «five hundred and eight.» Create! What seemingly heredity? And it can be traced.

We have to admit: the new Peugeot noticeably quieter. Good and sides, and bottom. Engine cool chatters under load, and low-powered grumbles with a slight hoarseness. Unusually.

And who said that the wheel should be heavy? The BMW engineers? So in a private conversation, without voice recorders, they themselves admit that their brand effort on the steering wheel still reduces the liveliness reactions and transparency drive. But increases the feeling of unity with the vehicle — and at the same time of its sale. In Peugeot or Volkswagen adopt a different practice: handlebars easy, but informative. However, the French are all, of course, made with technical freaks! The easiest way to say that «five hundred eighth» controlled easily and gracefully. But where a more precise definition is «a pain in the ass», because before each turn you can’t help feeling that you’re riding in the car (now pay attention!) with excessively excessive maneuverability. Too active «murrelet» lies on the course, «making it extremely manoeuvrable» rear suspension.

Official sources claim: suspension sedan updates are not touched. In my opinion, the car goes otherwise. More elastic, sometimes to the discomfort fulfills the bumps, but academically precisely prescribes the turns of varying steepness, responsive to changes in thrust. Imagine that you’ve worked with a caliper, and then picked up the MIC.

But here’s the magic! Reaching the limit of adhesion of the tires, sedan gently wafts in safe demolition. And under the discharge gas zakruchivaetsya fan, Flirty willnow hips. And if are hands on asphalt… Active drivers will squeal with delight. However delicious controllability can not eat. Why again rattle bumpers on small bumps?! On the hatchback 208 and budget «three hundred and first» the same story: go down the pits under a quiet, podvenechnoe DIN-DIN. That is the consequences of the Russian adaptation? And how to get rid of the feeling pumped tires? Breakdowns «five hundred eighth» not terrible, but on large shaking potholes pretty.

The balance between drift and drift the old wagon is very thin due to the pliability of the body. Rear suspension under load for a long time retains the grip, thanks to the cunning elastokinematic. Actually «four hundred sixth» go as you want driver: sweep or sideways. Sorry, the motor 90 forces…

My wagon with a rear thruster memorycache managed by not less interesting, but it is noticeably more comfortable a new Peugeot. And the brakes are not so hot and there and there. My — cotton, and the «five hundred and eighth, in contrast, is too sensitive. Each slow — like walking on bitoa glass. Sometimes I even feel a buzz from the fact that in this car I have to constantly maintain a high level of concentration: braking, accelerating, turning. But let’s be realistic, the majority of buyers need just the opposite.

Short author’s video review will help you not only to look at the Peugeot 508 from different angles, but also to assess its dynamic bearing.

Despite the roughness, market attractiveness updated machines became higher. Predicting sales growth can not take it. Too many complicating the situation circumstances, the most important being the position of the ruble.

Why Peugeot 508 sold poorly? Because he has ceased to be a delicacy. A high-quality fast food from Germany and Korea our mouth is dearer. Changes in corporate culture Peugeot has resulted in loyal customers (like Andrew) change «tables» of other companies and are in no hurry to come back. But — PAH-PAH-PAH over the left shoulder — the genetic code of the cars from Sochaux is not lost. Vaughn, hatchback 308 — car of the year in Europe. Yes, and «five hundred eighth update clearly benefited. We’ll break through! But when I ask Andrew — would buy you Peugeot 508 in the station wagon, if the one on the Russian market? He responds without hesitation, «no.» For him, a mysterious group PSA’s in the past. And I myself would have bought such a «lion»? Most likely, too patanol. I’m loyal to the brand, but I’m not a fan. Besides my wagon 1999 issue still vigorous enough to meet the heir to the current «five hundred and eighth.

Passport data

Peugeot 508 1.6 THP
Body type sedan
Number of doors/seats 5/5
Length, mm 4792
Width, mm 1853
Height, mm 1456
Wheelbase, mm 2817
Track front/rear, mm 1581/1554
Curb weight, kg 1485
Trunk volume, l 545
Type petrol with direct fuel injection and turbocharging
Location front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in some
Valves 16
The working volume, cm3 1598
Max. power, HP/rpm 150/6000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 240/1400-4000
Transmission automatic, six-speed
Drive front
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk
Bus 215/55 R17
Ground clearance, mm 170
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 220
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 9,2
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban cycle 10,5
— country cycle 5,2
mixed cycle 7,1
Norm toxicity Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 72
Fuel AI-92-95


The basic equipment version Allure
Front airbags
Side airbags
Inflatable «curtains»
The fastening of the child seat Isofix
The dynamic stabilization system
Traction control
Automatic transmission
Steering gear steering
Led lights dim and distant light
Adaptive headlights
Fog lights
The rain sensor
The light sensor
Parking sensors rear
The on-Board computer
Cruise control
Dual-zone climate control
System access to the interior without a key
Multifunction steering wheel
Steering column adjustable in angle and departure
Exterior rear view mirrors heated, electrically driven
Electrochromic interior mirror
Powered front seats
Separate seats of the second row
Heated front seats
CD receiver with MP3
Navigation system
Rear view camera
Trim skin
Alloy wheels
The color «metallic»
Additional equipment test car
Sensors «blind» zone the package 35 000
Rear view camera
Electric folding mirrors
The premium sound system Hi-Fi 20 000
The color «metallic» 16 000
The price of the basic set, rubles 1 339 000
Price tested the car, rubles 1 410 000


Peugeot 508 divides with car Citroen C5 so-called platform 3 PSA Corporation. This «truck» was built and the previous «four hundred seventh» «murrelet». Reminds of it not only rear aluminum «memorycache» with characteristic spatial frame, but the front and double wishbones used on the most powerful version of the GT with a 204-horsepower turbodiesel 2.2. Other modifications front McPherson unified with Citroen. With the difference that Peugeot used only conventional springs and Citroen have advanced hydraulic Pneumatics Hydractive III+.

If the engineers just increase «four hundred seventh to the size of the «five hundred and eighth, he would have increased by 50-60 kg. Instead, the new sedan dropped about 25 kg, and SW — all 45. Flowers on the scheme selected elements of the power structure which promotes a more uniform energy distribution in the accident. Red elements are the straight shot, and the green is transverse «diffusers».

Supercharged variant of the motor 1.6 Prince (index EP6 CDT) for the first time put on the Peugeot 207 in 2007. Four-cylinder unit was jointly developed by the engineers of the concerns of BMW AG and PSA. Later this motor is received model Mini hatchbacks Peugeot 308 and Citroen C4. However, it is «French» crippled problems with failure of the turbine. But, as it turned out, the fault lay not in the compressor, and insufficiently hardened alloys of the details of the timing mechanism, which «went away» valve timing and ignition timing. The Quartet ER equipped with direct fuel injection (pressure nozzles — 120 bar), phasers on both shafts and turbocharger (200 thousand rpm, the boost pressure is 0.8 bar). In the European specifications power increased from 156 to 165 forces, but Russia will still be offered the motor of the first generation with returns of 150 HP

Upgraded automatic transmission Aisin got a new index EAT6: Efficient Automatic Transmission 6-gear. The unit improved torque Converter and electro-hydraulic shift unit, which added a pump and changed the design of the sealing rings to maintain the operating pressure of the liquid at the speed close to idling. Measures have been taken to increase the limit value of the transmitted torque from 340 to 400 N•m in Addition, the «machine» a new heat exchanger and a more rigid attachment of the torque Converter, which should reduce vibration and the risk of overheating.

History (Sergey Udachin)

Now, Peugeot 508, being a sedan class D, replaced two models: nominal classmate Peugeot 407 and larger business sedan 607. The emergence of «five hundred eighth» was preceded by a demonstration of the concept of the 5 by Peugeot at the Geneva motor show 2010. It was practically a serial machine with a slightly modified powered illuminating engineering and battened down the salon. The open day was at the start of the Paris motor show in 2010.

In the history of French stamps were already cars «five» series. But there are only two generations. Peugeot 504 debuted in Paris on 12 September 1968. Roomy sedan was equipped with two versions of the Quartet 1.8 — basic carburetor (83 HP) and «injection» (98 HP). With them aggregatirovanie four-step «mechanics» or tri-band «automatic» ZF.

Subsequently, the family of the Peugeot 504 was added versions with the station wagon, coupe, convertible and even pickup truck. The engine range has been expanded due to the Quartet 2.0, V-shaped «six» 2.7 and three in-line four cylinder diesel 1.9, 2.1 and 2.3. For 15 years the production of «five hundred and fourth» has sold more than 3.7 million units. In parallel with the «five hundred and fourth, the French for some time produced its popular predecessor, the Peugeot 404 (1960-1975).

The second generation of «five» index 505 was produced from 1979 to 1992 in Sochaux (France), from 1981 through 1995 in China, Indonesia and Nigeria. This car sedan and wagon, including eight family version, gained fame as the «workhorse» — reliable, comfortable, affordable, roomy and resistant to bad roads. The latter circumstance has determined its success in emerging markets.

Behind the scenes

Initially, this test was supposed to be three cars Peugeot: updated «five hundred eighth», and two of my personal machines: versatile 406 and sedan 605. But «six hundred fifth» before the publication did not — was sold for his well-deserved status 207 000. The agreement with the new owner on photography was, however, he is faced with financial difficulties, he sold the car. And «murrelet» moved to immigrate from Russia to Belarus. Attempts to find in Moscow and its suburbs, similar to the sedan in excellent health failed. Its time has passed! And sorry, good to get the company.

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