Make Alfa Romeo moved the start of the Giulia sedan in the background of the problems

Make Alfa Romeo moved the start of the Giulia sedan in the background of the problems

Alfa Romeo giulia Leonid Popov, 43 minutes ago. Photo: Alfa Romeo, Stefan Baldauf/SB-Mediene Last fall chetyrehdverki Giulia Quadrifoglio was the Nurburgring in 7:39, 13 with faster coupe BMW M4 and M3 c 14 faster. However, there is an important clarification: the sample Julia was facilitated by 100 kg and put on racing tires. Although with the tricks and the result is this good.

With the food ain’t Alfa Romeo Giulia top version Quadrifoglio Verde was supposed to arrive on the European market before the end of 2015, and the regular version in March 2016. However, the «hot» Julia put on stream on 31 March with the start of sales in Italy in late may, and the simple version (the manufacturer will show at the Geneva auto show) will reach showrooms later. In the best case in the summer.

At the disposal of the Julia — petrol and diesel «four» and «six» power from 135 HP to 510 HP

According to sources Automotive News Europe, the reason lies in the urgent development of the body. Allegedly, the car failed to pass a series of internal crash tests, which shifted the launch by about six months. The company denies this fact. Answering the question of journalist, PR man FCA was limited to dry by the phrase «We do not comment on it,» and in the letter to the site Autoblog, the representative of Alfa Romeo in the USA called the information about the failure of the tests are false.

The Giulia sedan is not the only model term out of which the market moved. The crossover of Alfa Romeo , the Italians also «moved», and in General conceived the brand expansion will go not so fast, said the bosses of the company for another year and a half ago.

Surprisingly, the information about the delay of the release of Julia coincided with another news. The other day in the bosom of the FCA after 16 months of work in the BMW returned former Ferrari chief engineer Roberto Fedeli (one of the key creators of supercars LaFerrari and 458 Speciale). Now Fedeli appointed as technical Director of Alfa Romeo and Maserati. By the way, the premiere of the first crossover Maserati Levante — the Italians also transferred several times. Is this a transition with the need to restore order in the engineering workshop or not — the FCA does not explain. But Autoblog, citing insiders, says that Julia also has some problems with handling, although the car is ready. And because, they say, Fedeli looks the man who is able to rectify the situation. Alfa Romeo giulia

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