«Mazda-Sollers» to get a full cycle in 2017

"Mazda-Sollers" to get a full cycle in 2017

Leonid Popov, 18 hours ago. Photo: Mazda, Sollers

The joint venture «Mazda Sollers» previous model Mazda 6 and CX-5 (2013 and 2012 respectively). Over the past three years collected more than 80 000 machines.

M ineconomic suspended the agreement with the joint venture «Mazda Sollers» on industrial Assembly in Vladivostok. The reason is improper performance. As reported by «Vedomosti», the company is not done within the prescribed period to submit documents relating to the commissioning of the shops of welding and painting of bodies, other. In fact, the SP has not moved from semi knock-down vehicles (SKD) to complete knock-down production (CKD), although expired the allotted 30 months since the start of production.

The suspension means for «Mazda-Sollers» the need to pay import duties on components from which it was released.

In «Sollers» admitted that it was not done with the construction of the shops, having complained about the underdeveloped infrastructure of the city. First of all, we are talking about gas, electricity and water supply. Although probably the drop in sales (and therefore income) Mazda played a role. According to the Association of European businesses, in the first eight months of the year the brand has sold cars for 43% less (17 748) than a year earlier. In the Russian representation of Mazda’s Drive was assured that the change in the situation in Vladivostok will not affect the retail price of machinery supplied with this plant.

The company «Mazda Sollers» deployed at the site «Sollers-far East», located in the Golden horn Bay in the vicinity of the berths, it is convenient for shipping components by sea. Now Mazda is the only foreign brand operating here. In early 2015 there was stopped the Assembly of SsangYong crossovers, and in June ended with the release of the Toyota.

In «Sollers» we were told that the areas of new production are already available, but before you install line, it is necessary to resolve the issue with utilities. Here I expect that in the next year the town will sum everything you need. The workshop will earn, most likely in 2017. In what month — to predict early. Then it will be re-activated an agreement on industrial Assembly (it is concluded for a period till 2020). By the way, in 2017 the joint venture should begin production and MPV engines. About it heads of the company told last year but only in September 2015 signed an agreement of intent between the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, the Mazda companies and the joint venture «Mazda Sollers» and the project was given official start.

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