New Dogdore Honda S2000 will retain from the former name only

New Dogdore Honda S2000 will retain from the former name only

Leonid Popov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Honda, illustration Autoexpress

Last look at S2000 before leaving Roadster on peace — show car Sports Modulo S2000 Concept, based on a production model. He was shown at the Tokyo motor show in the beginning of 2009. Then it seemed that will soon be followed by a sequel, but S2000 took a giant break.

P on data of the edition Autoexpress, the company Honda decided to revive the name S2000 for the mid-sized sports car, but the next generation of this model will radically change the layout. I still rear-wheel drive Roadster engine was located in the front, although with a significant shift within the wheelbase. The heir will be mid-engined layout. And yet it is not the Roadster and coupe. Anyway, this option revival S2000 is now being discussed in the company. It turns out that from concept sports car with little will remain, unless the working volume of the engine, which gave the name of the model.

Two-liter F20C engine with variable valve timing on the intake and release or later version with displacement of 2.2-liter (F22C1) is a true visiting card of the previous model. This is one of the most accelerated serial «atmosfericos» in history, and at the time of production he did was record. So, F20C in the variant for the Japanese market had a compression ratio of 11.7:1 and developed 250 «horses». Cutoff was reached impressive 9200 rpm In power density (more than 125 HP per liter) what little atmospheric unit like this «Japanese» even now: only recently appeared Ferrari V8 4.5 with specific impact 135 BHP per litre.

The engine also will change ideologically. Instead famous high-speed «atmosferica» in the bowels of the coupe has to settle a new two-liter «turboservice» from Civic Type R, only configured to issue more power — 350 PS Supplement it will be a hybrid system developed in cooperation with a formula one team McLaren. The joint efforts of gasoline the Quartet and the electric motors can overclock S2000 from zero to hundred in less than five seconds. And the average fuel consumption should be about seven liters per 100 km

The S2000 was two generations (AP1, 1999-2003 and AP2, 2004-2009). In fact, the second model was the product of the first major redesign. In addition to external changes, such optics and bumpers, here was adjusted suspension (as settings elastic elements and shock absorbers, and geometry), improved transmission, and in the range was added 2.2 engine. As a result, the model received a new internal code.

Stylistically, the following Dogdore S2000 should remind «shrunken» in size NSX supercar.

New Honda S2000 should be placed in the middle of the ruler of the three mid-engined sports Dogdore similar technical solutions and appearance. The firstborn is Honda (in some markets Acura) NSX, which will hit the market in early 2015. At the end of the same year, the pipeline will be «postcard» S660 (successor Roadster Beat). And S2000 tentatively due in 2017 with a price tag of $60 000.

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