On the tracks «don» and «Ural» will be less bottlenecks

On the tracks "don" and "Ural" will be less bottlenecks

Leonid Popov, 11 hours ago. Photo: «Avtodor». Illustration: «Avtodor», yandex.ru

On different parts of «the don» is now a major reconstruction. By 2019, the entire road will be category.

In next year on the Federal highway M-4 «don» (Moscow — Novorossiysk) will fix the problem on the site where now significantly reduced the speed of traffic flow. According to the state company «Avtodor», a new four-lane road bypassing the villages of Novaya Usman ‘ and Rogachevo near Voronezh (517-544 km «Dona») will be opened in the summer of 2016, that is, six months earlier than planned. The work is carried out almost threefold ahead of schedule and before the end of 2015, according to state-owned companies, will be made 85% of the total volume of construction.

Novaya Usman ‘ and Rogachevo — tiny points on the track «don» (green fragment), forcing motorists pretty nervous.

After the opening of the bypass section on «the don» will remain one of the «bottleneck» — cut route through Losevo and Pavlovsk. It is approximately 130 km South of Voronezh. In the near future «Avtodor» will announce a competition for the investment agreement on construction and operation of circumventing these settlements, and in 2016 the construction must begin.

Settlements of Kiritsy and Drying (50 km from Ryazan) form a problematic section of the Federal highway M-5 «Ural». In addition, a hotbed of accidents. Here the bottleneck will also be eliminated. In November 2015 here should open the bypass area of the highest category with a length of 12.6 km with four lanes and median strips.

Highway M-5 «Ural» (Moscow — Chelyabinsk) also waiting for a nice change. In addition to the aforementioned bypass Kyritz, in August this year needs to be put into operation a new interchange at 184-kilometer (near Ryazan). It will eliminate the adjustable intersection and the intersection with the railroad tracks, and thus significantly speed up the passage of transit traffic to Ryazan and from it.

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