Open Circuit Sochi together with pilots RSCG

Open Circuit Sochi together with pilots RSCG

Mikhail Petrovsky, 3 hours ago. Photo RSCG and Drive

Carousel around the Olympic venues could become a year-round attraction. If in Sochi organizing winter racing series, the temporary urban part of the route will gradually become permanent.

With motret Royal race is the most interesting on TV — checked. Therefore, the actual Formula 1 is not the most interesting in the upcoming Grand Prix of Russia. Valuable first point: this is our first car competitions of such level. And to appreciate the enormous work done in Sochi do not have to wait for the weekend. I went there in late September on the first sporting event in the history of new trails. The stage of the Russian series of circuit races (RCCG) was held at the Circuit Sochi before the official opening.

Let the pathos of the Russian body, the championship is inferior to F1, but it gives more freedom to explore new track. Around familiar faces, warm attitude, go where you will, look, ask… During the Grand Prix here will be to operate a complex system of tolerances, and now you can look in almost any area with a simple Medicom «Press» on the neck. Our arrival infrastructure is almost ready, but «almost» surprisingly little.

Sochi ring is 12 right and six left turns. The total length is 5853,7 m, width 13-15 m According to calculations, the average speed of the car in Formula 1 is 215 km/h, and at the end of the longest 650-metre straight fireballs will develop under 320 km/H.

The dimensions of the main buildings — the main grandstand and pit building is mind-boggling. They are like two ocean liner moored on both sides of the pier the start line. The upper floors of the cars lined up waiting for the green flag, may seem small, and from the side of the pit building can be seen just a few turns. Interesting, I found the solution to the major houses of the teams that stand side by side behind the boxes. Stationary motor-home — oxymoron, of course, but generally similar to the construction team brought and erected on the spot, and then have everything ready.

The circuit produces a lasting impression even on all-traveled journalists. What to say about ordinary, nemelovannogo the viewer.

Often sounds strange speech: speak English or German. First, get acquainted with the route visiting marshals, which together with our volunteers will be working at the Grand Prix. Secondly, foreigners, as far as I understood, partly responsible for technical support of the circuit. The main building is finished. And that somewhere else continue laying the tiles, so this process is endless — just ask any of Muscovite.

Happy eyes! But despite the interesting landscape, the track doesn’t seem very telegenic. I hope that Directors and operators broadcast Grand Prix will find more interesting plans than the group that showed the stage RSCG. Important is not only the action on the track, but the atmosphere around. And more screens in the stands could be more.

The journalist, who writes about sports, most have nothing to do but to admire the architecture. Time flies by talking in tents acquaintances pilots (in brand new boxes, characteristically, the Russians were not allowed). You can watch demonstrations of rescue, the so-called group retrieval. And do the race, of course, watching TV in media center. Here is cool and so crowded. On the next row, for example, revealed the team leader Lukoil Lada Malinowski, armed with walkie-talkies: do not hesitate to journalists, he commanded his leading the pilot to miss straggler partner… no Matter, Formula 1 or a local body series — the collective interests above personal.

Extrication team is a special group of rescuers, who goes on severe accident when the pilot is unable to get out of the car. Most often this happens in cases of injury to the head or spine, so when preparing the group focuses on the rules of transportation of the victim.

Not without accidents: drivers RSCG updated and advanced support of energy-absorbing material, which replaced the usual tires, and concrete walls. Street circuit does not forgive mistakes. The departures area is minimal, the consequences of meeting with the fence deplorable, even for relatively strong and slow body machines. Captures the spirit of the thought that soon there will suffer a fragile F1 car is almost a minute faster with a circle of length 5858 m!

I drove on the track, the winner RSCG this year* 17-year-old Nikolai Gryazin. Although not in your own champion Peugeot 207, and the 175-horsepower Fiesta 1.6 older (he is 20!) brother Basil. And still very fast, very! Lightweight to limit the hatch with a sequential gearbox seems to be very little between a very tall fence formula route, and it is not terribly wide, 15-foot canvas, especially next to a talented pilot. Just by looking onbord the race, I realized that Kolya with me beach motor: in battle mode, the car class «Touring Lite» and then run into the Rev limiter.

Gryazin younger (though Yoon) — showman in the right for the rider sense of the word. He is not just fast, but also feels good camera and drive torque. The audience loves these pilots. I think we should follow the progress of this guy.

Immediately after the race in Sochi in the paddock of the Russian championship actively talking about faster cars, new classes like GT3 or GT4. This formula racetrack asks high speeds. Moreover, Sochi, most likely, will become the center of our racing in the offseason: it may be even organized a series of several steps. Much of the training is self-evident.

Historic moment — the first race at the Circuit of Sochi. Can watch the race class «Touring Lite» from Fiesta Boris upon completing all stages, which, incidentally, is a mentor brothers Grazing in Russian ring.

And yet not a single sport… At the Sochi track will act and courses to improve driving skills, and school karting, already organised track days. The promoter of the Grand Prix of Russia Sergey Vorobiev promised me that the circuit will appear and automotive partner, which had to declare before a formula one weekend. But it’s already tomorrow, and brand and not named. From brands I’ve heard that the price bites…

* To date sports court RAF considered the appeal N. Gräzin’s about returning him to the championship, lost due to the cancellation of the results of the last stage RSCG due to violations of the rules homologation.

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