Pass for travel on the new Cadillac Escalade SUV

Pass for travel on the new Cadillac Escalade SUV

G Laza girl-the operator at the point of fare collection has expanded so much that I saw in them a reflection of the caddy. «Oh là là!» The meaning of the gesture is clear without an interpreter: the young lady used to look down on her money transmitting users of the toll road. For trucks here, excuse-Moi, its barrier! And Escalade, being two meters in width and rising to almost six feet, filled the narrow channel to cars. Driving exactly in the center of the strip, I find myself close to the window Fund. Did you know, the girl that Detroit was founded by the Frenchman de Cadillac?

SKD Assembly of an SUV in St. Petersburg will last at least until the end of June. Plans after the closing of the GM plant is not reported. For delivery in September–October the Russian mission already ordered cars in the US.

«We are not strangers: the brand with French roots,» whether for fun, whether seriously telling representatives of the Cadillac at the presentation in Normandy. Well, the film is about such a trip should be called «Obelix (better obelisk) against the Gauls, or five hundred shades of wonder». Starring: policeman with his mouth open in a passing patrol car, shouting retirees in coastal towns, students on bicycles, losing the ability to rectilinear movement, samodisciplina pedestrians And helpful… backing up all the twisting from the alley, Cadillac inevitably falls into the oncoming lane.

The jerk? Jump? Hardly something capable frame techtonic. But interferece tried: good materials, designed with taste. An eight-inch touchscreen media systems CUE happy graphics, but not the quickness of responses.

It seems that with a full load of eight passengers and their Luggage Escalade will create a gravitational field and begin to attract followers-minicar. In the new generation car is better corresponds to its strategic status: interior priode in a decent leather and Alcantara, improved graphics media systems, there was a projection screen, cover small compartments is provided with microsoftee. Forgotten only door closers, and clap heavy vertinami need with a flourish. Inside many traces of manual Assembly: upholstery seats bristling, wooden panel inaccurately attached to plastic. The bright interior flaws less noticeable than black.

The standard equipment rear two separate seats and a single sofa — free option. The wide front seats are comfortable, but the basic version is more appropriate for larger people.

France in the windshield like in the TV. The wide armchairs the same concept of lateral support, like my home sofa. The body touched the rollers, you need to recover one hundred pounds. Already «in the database» seat is equipped with adjustable lumbar support, heating and ventilation, but to fit the job for a lean figure, you need to choose the Platinum package. There driver elegant massage chair with movable ears and a separate actuator upper backrest.

The dashboard — a screen diagonal of 12.3 inches. A choice of four design options, but the fourth is selected from the menu of the third, and he’s almost like a second… and That’s the photographer not found. Informative, but the interface lacks finesse.

Behind the growth of 174 sm I get a «man for himself» with 20-cm margin in front of the knees and a decimeter above the head. Space! Paul is a tall and rugged: underneath the gas tank. Seated right is not experiencing problems, and the passenger left slightly lifts the knees. The main thing — the rear seat is not as comfortable as the front. What separate chairs that optional three-seat sofa turned out flat, inhospitable. From ceiling air duct blows cold right on top of her head. In the end, the convenience on the second row is a complex compromise between the backrest, the position of the deflectors and the interests of the inhabitants of the gallery, and cramped, and hot.

The version ESV half a meter higher length are almost entirely in the trunk. The second-row passengers get just a centimeter, but the gallery — additional 25 see But the main thing — even when fully seated in the car remains a large trunk, and not a «crack» on one bag.

Lead Cadillac more fun than being a passenger. Only applications for accelerating half-second pass face control six-speed «machine», no matter how hard you push on the gas. Because of these delays can make some noise in the tunnel: bellows engine without increasing speed, clearing the runway… Accelerator, sagging half — angry. Leave on the light, press hard the pedal and two — thirds of motor «den» is heard exasperated howl, and while you are checking email, Escalade finally rushes forward.

Straight Cadillac keeps imperfectly, but adequately with such dimensions and weight. Dependent rear suspension makes itself felt: the machine requires small and frequent corrections, of course.

The top version Platinum — improved front seats, leather of higher quality, Matt wood inserts and a Blu-Ray system with screens in the headrests and on the ceiling.

The crankshaft is spinning up to 6000 rpm, but in normal modes, the revs do not rise above three thousand. Mnogolitrovyh «eight» is ready to carry boats on carriages, and the empty Escalade for her and not work at all. Passport acceleration to 100 km/h is known only for the European version, which is by 17 HP more powerful than ours, and 6.7 with! Russian Cadillac allegedly also leaves seven seconds, but precise data not given. Dynamics persuasive: after some initial hesitation, the Escalade does a hundred jumping earlier than the second gear ends. And this is with the mass under the 2.8 T. What is the obelisk!

If at the speed of 60-80 km/h to drop gas — nothing happens. Any car will bite his nose — Cadillac not stir, slowly starting to lose steam.

On the cover there is a huge Central Boxing area for induction wireless charging phone. American «gadgets»: the poker «machine» with push-button shifting for towing and adjustable pedals.

In normal circumstances, Cadillac loves to send higher and more often to turn off half the cylinders. They say the driver of the previous Morning was still able to hear the difference in sound of the engine when switching to eco mode. Now it is unreal — only the words «V8» in the dashboard changed to «4». The system of partial cylinders off work after 40 km/h and in traffic jams, alas, will not help, but thanks to her passport consumption fell by a third. To achieve the stated 13 liters I could not, but the difference is small for such a machine: six hundred miles on three Cadillacs — and each time more than 16 l/100 km more economical colleagues and I saw 15.3 litres per hundred.

Parking sensors and the controller layout render warning buzzer or vibrate the driver’s seat. In France, two-meter face of Cadillac barely fits in the band, and you have somewhere constantly buzzing.

To steer falls on the eye. Bagel makes from lock to lock three and a half turns, and need you now corner — just somewhere within these limits. The electric power steering is not peretyazhelen and uninformative. Theoretically, sportrezhima suspension force increases, but the difference is imperceptible. Retarders, which the French put up at the entrances to the settlements, it is interesting to pass at the speed of 60-70 km/h — you never know if the fall Escalade in bending markup or hook barely protruding curb. Carefree speed on the highway — 90-100 km/h. Further it appears that a clear «zero» bagels and no slightest deviation changing course. And long-wheelbase ESV holds the line even worse.

After 140 km/h the hood twitches. At 187 km/h on the speedometer limiter is triggered. At maximum speed Escalade behaves as any other: sails and require steering. But silence! The tachometer is a little more than 2500 rpm, and the wind barely audible.

Monumental front Cadillac extrude an air mass so that it can not affect the climate. But the oncoming flow perturbations visible ear only 100-120 km/h, and then, characteristically, up to a maximum of 187, the noise level is almost the same. Then laminated front glass, mats-sandwiches in the front doors, sound-absorbing partition between cabin and engine compartment, special fastening front doors… the Fuel high-pressure pump hidden in a special niche and, finally, the audio system generates an antiphase sound, actively suppressing the noise.

With the exception of direction indicators, front optics fully diode. Rear upper quarter led deactivated: in Russia the height of the lights should not exceed 175 cm from the ground. The us versions illuminates an entire column.

On good asphalt Escalade — serenity herself. The surface profile in the cabin never leaks out. The larger bumps cause the characteristic of the suspensions of the kicking that you can dim the sports mode of the shock absorbers. But on a bumpy road shaking: «Hippo» runs at a gallop, the wheels bounce off the pits earlier than manages to swing the body. Most of all take out the vibration of the unsprung masses, and their main source is from asphalt rollers in the wheel arches on the belt. «Monsieur! Where at Trouville you can balance the 22-inch wheels?» — Norman Outback is useful.

Radar monitoring of blind zones control the space up to 70 m behind, in the past generation, their coverage does not exceed nine meters.

Circling or slowing down in front of the pits, you have to plan the maneuver ahead of time. Since the mass is large, and its dynamic reallocation has serious implications. Cadillac doesn’t like fuss: slow down, klyuem, stabilize the longitudinal roll, twisting the wheel, fall on one side, turn. Strictly in that order. Roundabouts require the highest skill: speed you need to extinguish in advance, so that on entering a corner was saved only transverse roll. Otherwise road yacht three times to change tack. The brake pedal in the beginning of the turn seems insensitive, but that’s okay. At active staffing slowing down you can feel a slight wobbling of the rear axle, extra to the floor with a 120 km/h as on a string.

Previously, third-row seats had to be removed. Now they are hidden in the floor and climb electric. The rise of the second row — only hands. Servo rear door activated by a button or motion sensor in the bumper area.

When suspension picked up the slack, Cadillac becomes hard on the arc. Wide tires can develop serious side overload, and to get the stability control system to intervene, to do something really scary. The approaching a dangerous limit you define for the subjective signs: any phone will fall right out of the box and somebody gets hurt. On turns loose objects are gaining in huge salon the tremendous speed. In our case small travel bag the nucleus struck the body of the speaker on the door. By the way, in the trunk of any fasteners for Luggage is not provided.

Adaptive cruise control (starting with version Premium for 4.79 million rubles) active since 25 km/h. you Can set one of three races to show up and ride. Slows the Cadillac to a stop.

Electronic «collar» Cadillac is not strict. At least on a slippery pebble beach cause a skid was easy and with the traction control system. Instead of permanent all-wheel drive is rear, and the front is connected on command to the computer by means of electromagnetic coupling. In Auto mode the electronics are not in a hurry to transfer traction to the front wheels. Rear mechanical samoblok again has to fool around… However, careful checking of the new transmission had to refrain: the vacationers at a beach side café aborigines have made a difficult face.

In the entire history of the model has sold half a million SUVs Escalade, in the year of 20-50 thousand pieces. The best so far was 2011 (sold nearly nine hundred machines) and the worst was 2014: sales fell below 400 units. Video American car (note the lack of «American» arch extensions and rear lights).

But in General the surrounding warning in relation to the Cadillac. And rightly so, because the elephant has poor eyesight. Visibility specific: mirror-mugs — plus, but for a palisade of poles to see the stadium and Parc des Princes. Rear door, they say, are contoured so that the flowing of liquid glass was washed camera — but even on dry ground muddy the picture apart. Under vinyl front bumper deflector is 170 mm, so that the lip met with a harmless curb. Parking sensors overslept «French kiss», and the camera is activated only when triggered sensors and vibrating chair. The producer said that «skirt» is not damaged and, bending hem, Cadillac can overpower four centimeters. The claimed ground clearance of 205 mm.

In 2015 Cadillac swung on record: will be sold in Russia more than a thousand such SUVs. The plan is made only by one third. But the demand for long-wheelbase version of production exceeds the quota of 20%.

Preparatory Cadillac nor lost any inches or pounds of traditional values. Frame, axle, nizhnesolenyi motor — about the Orthodox say: an old dog new tricks can’t teach. Trying, of course, but somehow reluctantly. Direct injection, switchable cylinders, modern security system and adaptive suspension — all this Escalade is obliged to other models of GM. Own contribution flagship of the Cadillac in the industry is zero. But there is no more obvious answer to the question posed with a strong American or Russian accent: «Sir, what’s the idea?»

Passport data

Model Cadillac Escalade (ESV)
The body
Body type wagon
Number of doors/seats 5/7–8
Length, mm 5179 (5697)*
Width, mm 2044 (2045)
Height, mm 1889 (1880s)
Wheelbase, mm 2946 (3302)
Track front/rear, mm 1745/1744
Curb weight, kg 2649-2751 (2739-2851)
Full weight, kg 3310 (3402)
Trunk volume, l 430-1461-2667 (1113-2172-3424)
The engine
Type petrol with direct fuel injection
Location front, transversely mounted
The number and arrangement of cylinders 8, the V-shaped
The number of valves 16
Working volume, cm3 6162
Max. power, HP/rpm 409/5500
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 610/4100
Gearbox automatic, six-speed
Drive plug full
Front suspension independent, spring, double-wishbone
Rear suspension dependent, spring, five-link with Panhard rod
The front brakes ventilated disc
The rear brakes ventilated disc
Tires 285/45 R22
Ground clearance, mm 205
Performance characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 180
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 6,7 (6,9)**
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 18,0
— extra-urban cycle 10,3
— combined 13,1
Emissions standard Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 98 (117)
Fuel AI-95
* Hereinafter in parentheses are data for an extended modification ESV
** Data for Russian cars. The figures from the European specifications, machines with power 426 HP


Stated that the suspension is completely revised, but the architecture remains the same: dvuhrychazhka front and beam axle rear. Therefore, in the absence of the actual illustrations use images from the previous generation. The rear suspension has become wider track and redesigned wishbone: the inner side he had the ball-bearing, in order to improve the accuracy of responses. The Magnetic Ride Control dampers of the third generation (the video shows suspension sedan ATS — turn on the subtitles!) work in conjunction with ABS and electric power steering, and the viscosity of the magnetorheological fluid is changed to 40% faster, up to 1,000 times per second. Power steering was electric. Brake discs (pictured — node platform of a pickup truck GMC Canyon) are additionally the nitrocarburizing to heighten the wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The body, as before, rests on a frame of the ladder. The hood and rear door — aluminum. Red crushable zone. The only capillaroscope know-how — the Central airbag between the front seats, one of seven set «in the database».

The L86 engine or an EcoTec 3 is a LT1, as the coupe Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro, only adapted for heavy SUVs and pickups. The fifth generation of a family of Small Block V8 GM develops since 1992, although nizhnevolga architecture, and some details trace their history back to the 1950s. Distinctive features L86 — direct injection, variable capacity oil pump and reworked the disconnection of cylinders, which now changes the modes more often and less noticeable to the driver. Recommended fuel AI-95, although it is not forbidden to use «ninety-second» gasoline.

«Hydromechanics» GM Hydra-Matic 6L80 jump to previous Escalade and other models of GM. Changed only the system TapShift manual control. Generally, live box left a bit: this year it is planned to equip Cadillac eight-speed automatic 8L90, which has already received the platform SUV GMC Yukon Denali (and Yukon), and in a year will appear and a ten box! Instead of the asymmetric center differential — electromagnetic clutch in the front wheel that can, if necessary be locked rigidly. The shift stage, which for American Cadillac is offered for an extra charge, Russia is not laid at all. The transmission has three modes: monoperiodic (when the time goes backwards), automatic (when the rear wheel goes up to 50% of the time) and the 4Hi mode with bogatoi clutch. Limited-slip rear differential is standard.


Cadillac Escalade first generation GMT400 platform debuted in August 1998 and was a luxury version of the SUV GMC Yukon Denali (which, in turn, was already luxury «double» Chevrolet Tahoe). Body — wagon length 5,11 m. Engine Vortec V8 5.7 L31 power of 258 HP paired with a four speed automatic transmission 4L60-E car accelerated to 97 km/h in 10.5 C. Curb weight was 2530 kg — modern machine heavier. Clearance — 210 mm. four-wheel drive was connected, and in dropbox — reduction gearing. Front suspension was double wishbones torsion bar, rear — dependent spring.

The launch of the second generation, decorated in a corporate style of Art and Science, has been postponed. «Relatives» Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon 2002 model year, built on the same platform GMT800 were shown in 2000. And the new Escalade debuted in January of 2001. Versions became three: seven — and eight-seat station wagons length and 5,05 5,57 m (ESV) and pickup EXT. Basic modification to 2005 were equipped with motor Vortec V8 5.3 by «name» LM7 (285-299 HP) and rear wheel drive. Alternative six-liter HO Vortec V8 LQ9 developing 350 HP, which can be selected with rear-or permanent all-wheel drive. Four-stage «automatic» remained the same, as «handouts» with dual. Almost no change weight, while acceleration to 60 mph was reduced to eight seconds. The suspension kept the old scheme, but received the automatic adjustment of ground clearance, raised to 270 mm.

In autumn 2005 Cadillac introduced the Escalade model year 2007 — third generation platform GMT900. Production in Texas began in January 2006. The car has grown in length by another ten centimeters, retaining all three options. New engine Vortec V8 6.2 (409 HP, 565 N•m) with factory index L92 received variable valve timing on the inlet and outlet, which rarely occurs in niinevali motors. New transmission — six-speed «automatic» GM Hydra-Matic 6L80. «Third» Escalade gaining 100 km/h in 6,5–6,7 C depending on the type of drive — the choice were still invited back or permanent full, but without down-range. Transfer case planetary differential to distribute torque in the ratio of 40:60. Front and rear steel spring suspension, the ground clearance was reduced to 23 cm System Magnetic Ride appeared first as an option, and with the 2009 model year included standard in all versions. A year later the engine was taught to turn off cylinders (updated motor has an index L94).

In the fall of 2008 in the range of «third» Morning appeared hybrid modification with a V8 engine 6.0 LZ1 (337 HP) and a pair of synchronous 30-kilowatt electric motors. The combined capacity of the power plant amounted to 374 HP, so the car weight 2720 kg accelerates from a standstill to hundreds of 7,5–8,4 (the data varies depending on the year). The car was produced with full or rear wheel drive. On the first hybrid has electric power steering. In 2010, the hybrid dual-fuel modification was: besides gasoline was allowed the use of ethanol-containing fuel E85.

In October 2013 in new York presented the fourth generation on the K2XX platform: standard sedan Escalade and the extended Escalade ESV.

Behind the scenes

The Normandy invasion was successful: on the route from Paris downstream of the Seine to the English channel and was waiting for us back pjatnadtsatigradusnyj temperature, sun, rain and wind. All Cadillacs were with Russian numbers, and, fortunately, among the test cars no black — and easier to remove, and the local population would not be scared.

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