Presents two new hybrid power plant for BMW

Presents two new hybrid power plant for BMW

Anastasia Korolkova, 17 hours ago. Photo: BWM, Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien,

In the centre of the development of BMW in Munich was introduced to the public news.

B Avars presented two brand new hybrid power plant. The first was named BMW eDrive Power. The main advantage compared to previous systems is that the share of the two electric motors account for more than half the power output. The layout of the power plant allows the use of internal combustion engines with capacity from 250 up to 650 HP

Body «five» GT was chosen purely as a test «mule». In this model, a new hybrid in the near future we will not see.

The total capacity of the power plant Power eDrive, which debuted on the test prototype, based on the hatchback BMW 5 Series GTis more than 500 kW (about 680 HP). The range of travel on electricity — about 100 km Total distance taking into account operation of the internal combustion engine is 600 km of One of the electric motors installed on the rear axle. The second is on the front axle. Two electric motors can work in pairs, when you need all-wheel drive. The petrol engine is responsible for the rotation of the wheels on the front axle. This hybrid power plant in the future can be used on the new generation of the BMW seven series, the crossover BMW X7. Insiders say it will equip some models of Rolls-Royce.

Recently, the network got the first images of the interior of the new generation sedan BMW seven series.

Restyled apartment with new hybrid cars should debut next year.

In addition to the Power eDrive, the Germans showed a prototype dvokolwako «treshki». The car while wrapped in camouflage, but it is known that during the restyling will change not only the appearance of the model, but appears 245-horsepower hybrid version. The power plant includes two-liter petrol turbo engine and electric motors. According to the manufacturer, this apartment will consume only two liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. One electric car can cover a distance of 35 kilometers.

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