Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R 2016 will be tougher still

Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R 2016 will be tougher still

Leonid Popov, 2 hours ago. Photo: Porsche

One of the most notable differences between the cars 2016 model year compared to the predecessor — large Central radiator instead of the pairs of side. The reason for this decision say below.

N new generation of the annular shell named 911 GT3 R (series 991) presented over the weekend on the sidelines of the marathon «24 hours nürburgring». Based driving model civil «hot» version of the index 911 GT3 RS, which appeared in March of this year. Here is the same new atmospheric «the boxer» 4.0 direct injection and variable valve timing that develops more than 500 HP (the exact value depends on the restrictor installed by FIA rules).

Look at the car of the previous generation. Clearly visible is the difference in the arrangement of the radiators. Contacts the front corners are common in motorsports. In particular, ended last Sunday the race «24 hours of Nurburgring Porsche went off the track due to damage to the lateral radiators. However, the team Falken Motorsports (the photo shows its 911 GT3 R) managed to win in an overnight marathon third place.

Paired with the motor employs a six-speed racing «sequentially», power shift, which is in charge of paddle shifters and a pneumatic system. Traction at the rear wheels is transmitted through a mechanical limited slip differential. New weighs around 1220 kg (the exact value can be changed by the ballast depending on the rules).

Length — 4604 mm gauge — 1975 mm 2002 front and mm rear, wheelbase — 2463 mm (83 mm longer than its predecessor).

The increase of the wheelbase had a positive effect on stability and handling, especially when combined with a better distribution of the masses of aggregates inside the body. By the way, the refusal from the side of the front radiators not only increased the survivability of the model in the race, but also helped to reduce the moment of inertia around the vertical axis. The same method is used on model 911 RSR 2013.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 R boasts increased downforce as due to the sophisticated aerodynamics of the front part, in which a considerable stream of air is discharged upward through the «gills» on the bonnet and wings, and the wing size 0,4×2 M.

To make the model easier, the designers went for a combination of aluminium, steel and composites in the body. The roof, hood and front cowl, wheel arches, door, side and rear body section, and engine cover made of carbon fiber. All Windows — and even for the first time the windshield is made of polycarbonate.

Changes in the interior and equipment aimed at improving safety. New racing buckets protect with bumps better than before. Emergency quick roof hatch (for evacuation pilot of the damaged vehicle) increased in size.

Worked engineers and pendants over (front — McPherson, rear — mnogoryichazhka, both with adjustable clearance, camber and toe), brakes (front discs are fitted to the diameter of 380 mm and a piston calipers calipers, rear — 372 mm and four-piston), a revised programme anti-lock braking system — now it is better suited to marathon races. By the way, in endurance racing is important and the efficiency of the machine. But it became higher. In addition, the Germans increased fuel tank capacity 12 l (120 l), and hence, in the marathons will require less refueling. The novelty is already available. Factory price — 429 000 euros (without tax). Delivery of the first copies to customers will begin in December of this year that the team managed to prepare for the season 2016.

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