Rear passengers have prepared new air bags

Rear passengers have prepared new air bags

Konstantin Bolotov, 15 hours ago. Photo: TRW Automotive

In December last year, the company TRW Automotive unveiled the pillow Scarab in the form of an inverted U. Being built in the back of the front seats, it differs little from the side «curtain» or albegov to protect the knees. The company believes it is optimal for compact cars.

About the protection of the passengers on the second row of seats automakers care, but maybe not enough. All because of incidents that were sitting behind relatively little. According to a report released in December by the Institute IIHS, in the United States from among those injured in traffic accidents from 2007 to 2012 the inhabitants of the gallery were only 12%. Meanwhile, it is noted that the risk of death for the backbenchers are significantly higher (this is especially true for people 55 years and older) than those who took the front seat. The U.S. office of road safety (NHTSA) became interested in the problem and made contribution to research funding. His conduct, TRW, which is long and boldly experimenting with Aragami, and the University of Michigan, helping the firm in this. The results will be in the summer, but many things are clear now.

Deployed from the ceiling airbag firm TRW prepared for crossover Citroen C4 Cactus. Now, however, it must be mounted in the front, but no problems with the installation of this airbag back.

Director of the North American branch of TRW Steve Peterson believes that the air bags of the new generation for rear passengers will first appear on the European continent is already in 2016. We are talking about two types shown in the photo above. «Europe in this sense ahead of US. We have several customers who want to install these pillows, we negotiate, » said the Manager, adding that the estimate for the Euro NCAP safety test need correction. — To protect the rear of the riders have all the necessary technology, but there is no incentive for development. You should see a new kind of test.

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