Recording of video recorders will be obliged to take in court

Recording of video recorders will be obliged to take in court

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Last year, the deputies added photography, cinema and video recording in the relevant part of the administrative code, and now are preparing for another to adjust the text, excluding the door to incorrect interpretation.

P pravitelstvo Russia has approved an amendment to part 2 of article 23.4 of the administrative offences Code, according to which the documents submitted as evidence in court, are materials of photo — and filming, sound and video recordings, databases and data banks and other information carriers. At the moment this rule sounds elusive close: «To documents can be classified materials of photo — and filming…» — and in the text below. It’s this that little word «may» have already played a malicious joke with one of the victims, since left the final decision to accept or not to accept the same record with DVR — at the discretion of the judge. And if he said that video is in fact not a helper object was nothing special.

«The bill will expand opportunities for persons brought to administrative responsibility, to present evidence in support of its position during consideration of cases on administrative offences (in particular, the records DVRs), and will adjust the law enforcement practice of the use as evidence of the above mentioned materials», — comments of the Government of the Russian Federation. Now turn behind the deputies. The bill, which included the proposed amendment was recently withdrawn from consideration. But now, after approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, the authors of the bill intend to make it again and are sure that he will vote.

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