Rehabilitate hot hatch Opel Astra OPC at the Nurburgring

Rehabilitate hot hatch Opel Astra OPC at the Nurburgring

Mikhail Petrovsky, 8 hours ago. Photo of Opel company

Astra harder Focus ST or Мегана RS — 1475 kg But on the Nordschleife helps most traction and high directional stability. Don’t let the parti-color. Under racing ливреей — serial machine without any modifications.

E the short history of how changing our perception depending on the circumstances. The first test the new Astra OPC the Drive made a painful impression on me, though I never driven a car. The material broke all records on the number of returning to the author for revision. I had to almost ticks pulling out of Timur Sabirov impressions about hot хэтче. Is it all so colorless? And go, they say, in their 280 forces, and the work of the differential lock is not enough it felt… Why Opel invites ride on Astra Nordschleife?

Here are the OPC training, and they are already familiar to us in activities with other brands Sasha Bert and Klaus Панчирц. It’s them we are here rolled Jaguars last spring. Both large experience in different racing series, both constantly appears in long races at the Nurburgring. Bert, it turns out, опелевский chief instructor and even participates in the flight tests of the road Opel.

Sasha Bert was factory pilot Opel in the German Formula 3 end of the 1990s, agricultural And OPC instructor is already five years. The position of chief mentor he received, I think, not only the speed but also for voice loud peal. It heard without any microphone. If the track is not walkie-talkies were sure he докричался least to us of his car.

Trainings — said loudly. Several rounds two to three Northern loop for the machine instructor. Mentors are not particularly believe in our personal experience, go knowingly safe, but that is no reason to be upset. The main thing here — is to roll forward. The ten laps richer becomes exactly my ten-year affair with Нюрбургингом. Being rare, full circles length of 20.8 km: опелевцы spend your event in the framework of the track-day, when opened two kilometers of direct Деттингер Khoy.

Klaus Панчирц older and calmer. Unlike Bertha he trusts more to ward: it is with him we miss your fastest session.

In our disposal all OPC model: Astra, Corsa and Insignia. But if you could choose one car for the whole day, it would Astra. Corsa — what a funny iron! And Oh dear — OPC Nurburgring Edition. Indeed, very sporty «insect». Brisk, with a differential lock. Cheerfully jumps over bumps on the brake tries to stand across the road.

Сorsa Nurburgring Edition is forced turbo, differential lock and passive Bilstein shocks.

By the end of the circle, as the warm absorbers, oversteer is becoming more and more redundant. Despite the name, Corsa too nervous this for nürnburgring. With such a character to her place somewhere in the suburban Myachkovo. Sasha Bert agrees, but says that if you go really fast, it appears necessary here the stock of understeer. So go faster, Oh, my God!

Due to the narrow operating range 210-horsepower turbo 1.6 the Корсы often is not suitable transmission. The hill, for example, at the third she never pulls, switch on fourth — and sit in турбояме. Трехсотметровый (!) the difference of altitude is not a joke. Rigid check elasticity for наддувного engine.

Insignia OPC more тяговита: «турбошестерка» 2.8 develops up to 435 N•m Yes, the car is heavier, but the gear ratios for our current work better. But there are other problems. All-wheel drive Insignia deprived of the front of the lock, and because of the habits of a front-wheel drive, than Корсы. Directing large sedan in turn, should I look him a place under a wide output. Machine strongly heels and are barely keeping pace with the instructor Astra.

Insignia passes on braking: abs too sensitive to the profile, disks quickly overheat.

And still I regret that the Drive no road test of insignia OPC — it can be a good city car. Decent ride, full drive, mild reactions to the actions of driving… Ergonomics — only, but someone might enjoy a countless number of buttons on the centre console and soft actuator lever «mechanics». Finally, there is a version of «automatic». Very soon we поездим on updated of insignia and, hopefully before the OPC going…

A bagel is free from parasitic taxiings, although there 280 forces, 400 N•m and lock, allowing to leave on the gas before the apex. (Instructors, by the way, prohibit do: insure us against excessive output speed. And just try to check that out!) There is no hint ленцу. Properly maintained the ratio of the power weight. I don’t really like the typical for the Astra OPC hissing sound, but somehow even more fun at it. Like a machine spur you.

Finally, our main character — Astra OPC. In such an environment it Shine! She’s in his element: controllability, stability and setting of the power unit — all is selected under the requirements of the Nordschleife. Driving трехдверки understand why a couple of Asters headed columns permanently detached from the rest. Follow the instructor’s easy: machine always have a supply of torque for acceleration and braking simultaneously and consistently, both of insignia, and effectively as the Корсе.

The task is to follow in the footsteps of the trajectory of the instructor, maintaining the minimum safe distance.

Supply of adhesion in the transverse direction is more than decent: on the tires Pirelli R Zero overload on the bends reach 1,3 g. Are important not limit values and balance. Astra perfectly adjusted as the wheel and gas. It’s very stable, power, and reset under like props himself up on his toes, ready to perceive any pulses desperately. This is partly plays against the trainers…

For those who, like me, loves to watch onboards of — the tourist circle (BTG) for a modest 9:34. But if we were not expecting lagging and not so politely missed a fast machine, it is easy to be left out of nine minutes. Having warned us that accidents usually occur on the last rounds, Sasha couple of times slows down in front of me in the most unexpected places so that I almost get it Aster.

They keep us in a liminal pace, which produces incorrect skills. Accelerate the floor pedals: I notice that, having gathered some decent progress, I cover the throttle, because to keep your distance before going ahead machine. The car can disbalance itself and requires more attention than if we were going the same period in full force. And have to slow down, where not necessary. And in some places much earlier, because there is no faith in the regular brakes. Especially on heavy of insignia.

Sasha better acquainted with OPC-technology and more trusted her. Turning his Aster on five rounds in the ring-taxi, he did not even off the system stabilization, just content with the most acute regime OPC. Goes on 80%, as it is expressed. Indeed, starts quietly, but to the middle зарубается with a prepared «em-third», and then knocks on the ears. Need to know very well the car to so confident braking on uneven areas and to punish everyone it from side to side in high-speed ligaments. It seems that Aster tuned specifically for Bertha (or he himself it configured), so it is good for them together.

Sasha’s 80 percent is a very decent eight and a half minutes (BTG). A man like yawning places but very surprised when I try to make the Dropbox on the go. Usually at him sick passengers, we have seen… the bottom Right of the video дисплейчик with telemetry: picky velocity and transverse overload.

Drive Astra even newly awakened in me a taste to the front of the drive. In such an unobtrusive manner it is well suited for the development of such a demanding track Nordschleife. It is known that Opel is not the fastest hot hatch here. The leader of this pack is considered Renault Megane RS. But for the beginning the descent to the Green hell I recommend Astra OPC. Surprisingly, she was at the Nurburgring, a more appropriate than special, bears his name Corsa… by the Way, my first car on the Nordschleife in 2003 was precisely the Astra OPC, only a wagon. For your anniversary, dear! Meanwhile, on the North loop of me already waiting for the next car. The rear wheel drive.

Behind the scenes

Our studies coincided with the training day before races classic cars, which are held at the Nurburgring several times a year. Our Boris Ульзибат told you what it is. What technique, what kind of people, what kind of atmosphere! Cream Western society is going to revive old and crazy. And those who age enables chase yourself, hire for walking their dinosaurs professional pilots.

This is a very powerful thematic event: here and souvenir shops, and manufacturers of spare parts for ретромашин, and auction houses… for Example, the British auction Coys. Oh, what rarities are exhibited at the auction! For example, a unique BMW 328 1938 with the post-war aerodynamic body (top right). Or Roadster Lancia Aprilia Riva 1946 (bottom right) — they are only two in the world! Yes and Alfa Romeo 6C (1930) left, or Lancia Appia Sport Passo Corto with aluminum body Atelier Zagato (in the centre) cannot be called consumer goods…

Listen a little sounds in the classics and pictures you can see in the album page Drive on Facebook.

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