Renault will not curtail production of the old Logan

Renault will not curtail production of the old Logan

Anastasia Korolkova, 18 minutes ago. Photo: Renault

The attractiveness of the old Logan for Russian buyers, of course, lies in its price. The base sedan new generation is available for 355 thousand rubles, while the most expensive «first» Logan is 399 000.

C upucka on the Russian market a new generation of sedan Renault Logan, the representatives of the group immediately said that initially the model will be sold in parallel with the old Logan, who planned to remove from the conveyor at the end of 2014. Now, however, declared that chetyrehdverny will produce some more time. This is due to the high demand for the car.

New Logan assembled in Russia is only available with the 1.6 motor (82 and 102 HP) and a five-step «mechanics».

By the way, the production of hatchback Renault Sandero previous generation will cease on the line will leave only Logan. For the first ten months of 2014 in Russia was sold 46 921 of Logunov (an increase of 9.8%). How many of this number were in the cars of the previous generation, a company spokesman would not elaborate. Experts predict a decline in demand for «old man» after the new generation sedan assembled in Russia will be «automatic».

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