Roadster Porsche Boxster RS will take the place of the older modification

Roadster Porsche Boxster RS will take the place of the older modification

Leonid Popov, 20 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf / SB-Medien

From the novelty attracts attention custom bumper with large air intakes (more than Boxthere GTS). Yet we see the ventilation slot between the bumper and the front edge of the hood.

B ukvi RS in the name of the new not officially confirmed, but an essence not in it. Caught by who is Adam sample — new top-end version of Baxter. Most likely, it is equipped with a turbocharger. This assumption is logical, given that the company intends to gradually translate to charge more and more modifications of their durduran.

The new spoiler is larger staff. It seems that in contrast to the source here, it is not movable and fixed.

But RS is not the only innovation for the model. The company’s head of research and development Wolfgang Hatz in an interview with reporters and Car and Driver has confirmed the rumors: Boxster and Cayman will receive opposed «turbochargers» (starting motors will be two-liter).

The letters RS in the history of Baxter have already met, but then they are meant special edition isdistinguished not by the efficiency of the engine, and appearance. Here, judging by powerful brakes, major changes in technology.

And another interesting information from the Hatz: contrary to earlier assumptions, the coming of the new 911 GT3 RS and Cayman GT4 will be equipped with a naturally-aspirated engines. But the answer to the question is not will, over time, all Porsche supercharged (except-oriented track GT versions), one of the bosses of the company politely declined, saying only that carbon dioxide emissions need to be reduced.

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