Roadster Superleggera Vision reminded about the interest of the Mini to electrocars

Roadster Superleggera Vision reminded about the interest of the Mini to electrocars

Leonid Popov, 24 minutes ago. Photo: MINI, Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, Gumpert, BMW

Horse Atelier Touring Superleggera — aluminum panel is large in size, vykladyvaete manually. The minimum number of joints is one of the features that give the show Karu special charm. Splitter and thresholds — from carbon-fiber composite.

M Ilanskaya body shops Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera together with Mini is built for Competition elegance in Italy Mini Roadster Superleggera Vision. It’s a relatively simple form, minimalism both in the exterior and in the interior design is a tribute to the classic Mini hatchback, appeared 55 years ago.

If desired in the new Roadster is indeed possible to see the individual features of the immortal works of sir Alec Issigonis. The front panel is in the concept is made from a sheet of aluminum. Door handle are covered with black chrome. Their form of stylized Union Jack.

Not one of the original Mini was inspired Touring Superleggera, but the British roadsters the middle of the last century. Hints can be found in appearance: relief stripes on the hood, decorated with elements from the polished aluminium, Kiel in the back for the first time, and do body proportions with extended bonnet, the relatively small overhangs, relief wings.

For show-Kara authors developed the original color Como Blue. An obvious reference to the Como lake, the shores of which debuted concept over the weekend.

The mood in the interior ask aluminum and skin color Sabbia. Deliberate departure from the retro — touchscreen display in the center. In its contours fit pair of round devices. One of them is the clock, and the second is the virtual record button, activates the camera, installed between the seats.

A year ago, the company representatives said that the model range of the Mini threatens reduction. And, in particular, the future model Roadster sad: he will be replaced by a completely different car racing stripe. Because Mini Superleggera Vision and if is a hint of a new car, it is very, very veiled. Here is more important than appearance, and even body type. The fact that the new concept electric car.

In 2008 the company established electric trendmirco Mini E, which in 2009-2010 went into limited production. Several hundred vehicles were delivered to the consumer testing in the US and in some European countries (city cart is given to the lease). Operating experience of these buggies is useful when you run into a series models BMW i3, and the main thing — was the basis for further movement: work on electrochrome on the basis of the new Mini.

The creators Mini Superleggera Vision, they say little about the technical component or units of a car was the basis for the concept. But in any case Roadster with an electric motor is not only a tribute ecological fashion, but also a kind of tool support for future serial electric hatchback.

Relief lights Mini Superleggera Vision is the British flag, divided into two parts.

We should add that in the history of the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera were episodes of cooperation with companies such as Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari, but with the brand Mini is the first joint project of the Milan office. If to speak about the parent company BMW, it is a return to cooperation with Touring Superleggera back to 1940, when the Italians built for Germans durdurma BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupe (photo below).

D 1940, the German sports car with the Italian shell won the Mille Miglia, having overcome the route with an average speed of almost 167 km/h And in 2004 he became the first car that logged into your account not only the victory in the original competition and win a modern interpretation of the race, held already for classic cars-veterans.


The company Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera is one of the many Italian companies, which in the 1930-1960 years manually produced a unique sports chassis from well-known brands. Then the number of such companies has radically reduced, and indeed the Touring Superleggera half a century has disappeared from the horizon. But in 2006 it was restored by the new owners. It was soon followed by a single show cars and small-scale model run multiple instances. It is developed based on the Maserati coupe A8 GCS Touring Berlinetta and pyatidverny Bellagio Fastback, reshaped «British» Bentley Continental Flying Star c body type Shooting Brake, the car Gumpert Tornante and coupe Disco Volante on the chassis of the Alfa Romeo 8C.

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