SAR will create a unified methodology for calculation of road accident damage

SAR will create a unified methodology for calculation of road accident damage

Leonid Popov, 3 hours ago. Photo Drive

Now in the country there are five methods of calculation of the damage, which give considerable variation in the results. This sometimes leads to conflicts when you try to get from the insurance company to the desired amount.

About  introduction in the country the unified methodology calculation of road accident damage has been mentioned more than once and not one year. But not everything was fine. The transport Ministry, which was to prepare such a method, not coped with the task. Now Russian Union of insurers established the Expert Council which must quickly develop the required document. It is supposed, that he may appear in December, by the time when the state Duma will be discussed in the second reading amendments to the law on CTP.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance proposed an amendment to the law on which the claim uniform methods of calculation, created by the experts, will be the Central Bank. Logical. In fact, the Central Bank is now responsible for the formulation and tariff on OSAGO policies. Unknown time needed for reconsideration, but the problem is there: the rate for a long time did not change, and the average payment for insured events in recent years steadily increased, which led the OSAGO market to the crisis. By the information of the SAR, this kind of insurance companies are struggling to make ends meet — includes all fees, charges and taxes net profit for CTP is very modest. Sometimes you can talk about the loss. But the new amendments to the law soon more and raise the payout limit for this coverage.

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