Sedan Infiniti Q50 stretched specially for China

Sedan Infiniti Q50 stretched specially for China

Anastasia Korolkova, 15 hours ago. Photo: Infiniti

It’s hard not to notice an increase of almost 50 mm: the silhouette of a long-wheelbase sedan Q50 has changed.

And izvestno that the Chinese love extra long cars. Most of the models sold in China, is a long-wheelbase. Here is the Infiniti company decided to market the Q50 sedan, which is in contrast to versions for other countries is extended to 48 mm, the model was first shown to the public at the motor show in Chengdu.

We will not see in Russia long Q50, but unlike China in our country in addition to gasoline sold and the hybrid version of the usual «ku-fifties.

Chinese sedan Infiniti Q50 long has 4852 mm (wheelbase — 2898 mm). It is equipped with uncontested two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine producing 208 horsepower, which is paired with semidiaphanous «automatic». Prices for the new product yet.

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