Sedan Skoda Superb Combi can keep up prematurely

Sedan Skoda Superb Combi can keep up prematurely

Leonid Popov, 7 hours ago. Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

White lining on white body mask some lines and confusing.

In the previous generation wagon Superb Combi/Estate debuted in September 2009 in Frankfurt, eighteen months after the original liftback. Now the pause can be much shorter. Anyway, camouflaged example of the new wagon, based on the»third» Superboy, already travels the roads of Europe. Maybe the Czechs have time to bring the new product to mind to the Frankfurt auto show, but now 2015?

Unlike previous wagon that the lights will go on the fifth door, about the same size as the current liftback.

We believe that in wheelbase and length of the wagon or not will differ from the liftback or a little will surpass it. Gamma engines repeats the line liftback (petrol and diesel units ranging from 120 to 280 HP) front — wheel drive and full.

Despite the black-and-white camouflage, on this sample, one can estimate the contour of the glazing and the General proportions of the body.

In a year or two after launch on the market Superb Combi should be his all-terrain version of Outdoor. We will add that in segments D and E «sheds» — a rare thing (Skoda refers Superb to the inbetweeners class D). However, this cohort can grow. After some time waiting sedan Kia Optima.

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