Sedan Volkswagen Phaeton will get an electric version

Sedan Volkswagen Phaeton will get an electric version

Leonid Popov, 13 hours ago. Illustration: RM Design. Photo: Volkswagen

«Second» Phaeton firm called «the epitome of technological competence and ambitions of the brand». No wonder that his Volkswagen in no hurry (here shown outside the sketch).

P management of the company Volkswagen announced the strategy for power soon, and among other things was mentioned the Phaeton. Recently it became known that the output of the flagship of a new generation moved in 2017-2018 at the end of the decade. However, from the project no one refuses — furthermore, the management Board of Volkswagen has revised it and decided to make the specification of a purely electric version with a large power reserve. Step in General to be expected: some other models on the platform MLB Evo option on the battery also appears (say, at the crossover Q8).

In the sequel to «desligada»: to repair diesel engines, the company will withdraw a lot of cars not only in the US and Europe, but also in many other countries. And then in Europe and North America «as fast as possible» will be introduced on diesel engines selective catalysts with injection of AdBlue liquid. And that is the Volkswagen once tried to avoid complaining about the high cost.

Presumably, not going anywhere previously discussed variant of the Phaeton with a new engine W12 6.0, but not to him now to be the most expensive and prestigious version of the sedan, and the «train». It is remarkable that such a complex project is announced simultaneously with the statement on the reduction of investment of one billion euros per year. Existing programs will be adjusted.

The MQB platform was originally conceived as the basis for various types of power plants (photo — electric e-Golf). Seemingly in response to the crisis and the need to reduce costs this diversification will hold, but Vice versa — the Germans intend to accelerate the implementation of alternative systems.

CEO Herbert Diss assured that the company will continue to develop hybrids of various types (from full to so-called moderates), electric vehicles, diesels and engines that is adapted to methane. And even for compact cars and light commercial vehicles is expected to create a unified electric drive system (Modular or Modular Electric Toolkit Electric Baukasten, MEB) with the range 250-500 km.

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