Serial Lincoln Continental will be shown in Detroit

Serial Lincoln Continental will be shown in Detroit

Leonid Popov, 3 days ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien The car will replace the model of the MKSappeared in 2007. Change the name of the sedan, and his place of Assembly: Chicago is the town of flat Rock in Michigan.

About that the concept of Lincoln Continental is built with a hint on the conveyor embodiment, testified prototype, seen on the streets soon after the new York auto show in April. But then consider the body parts was simply impossible. A few days ago to test out a minimally disguised version. It turned out that this Continental with spectacular concept a lot more in common than might be expected.

The manufacturer did not hide the rack so that you can estimate the sill line and the roof.

Serial machine is different from the show car bumper (it’s closer to the prototype) and optics (it’s all the same and the front and rear close to conceptual). Before the lights were red only when switched on, and off in the form of silver. Now their design is more traditional. The grille has not undergone any changes. On the prototype it more without the chrome, but it doesn’t mean anything.

Slightly simplified exhaust pipes. There is also a pleasant surprise: elegant door knobs, as a concept, situated almost on the window sill line. Exotic solution.

According to unofficial data, the serial front-wheel-drive Continental is based on Ford’s CD4 platform. Optionally will be offered a full drive. Know exactly the engine is a new 400-strong petrol unit V6 3.0 T, which debuted on the updated MKZ sedan in November. Not exclude the addition of other variants of power plants in the future. However, a company representative recently noticed that the hybrid version, and if will soon. All the i will put in January the Detroit auto show, where the Americans and will introduce a new model. lincoln lincoln continental spionera detroit2016

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