Six companies to adopt Android platform in cars

Six companies to adopt Android platform in cars

Leonid Popov, 3 hours ago. Photo:, Apple

Common to many machines OS promises closer integration of portable and on-Board electronics, than now observed. The car is confidently turning into a gadget, furnished for the convenience of the motor and the wheels.

To j Google, the car manufacturers Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai, and also the manufacturer of Nvidia chips at CES in Las Vegas announced the forthcoming introduction of the Android operating system in production cars. For this purpose, the partners established Alliance Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), which later can be joined by other firms. Ricky Хьюди, head of Audi for the development of electronics, compared this step with the emergence of shared ecosystems for the two worlds of electronic engineering. Members of the Alliance believe that will boost the implementation of innovations in cars, guided by the principles of openness, customization and scalability of the software.

The machines have long encountered multimedia systems to connect to them tablet PCs and smartphones, surf the Internet (including through the 4G LTE network), download apps, music and movies. But what is the reason to connect, if it’s easier to add more functionality and performance by multimedia systems? Such is the logic of innovators.

Exact dates of the output of cars with Android partners did not say, but mentioned that the first of which will appear already in the end of the current year. They will be able to use navigation, applications and network services, available for Android smartphones. This move opens up interesting possibilities not only for manufacturers: chip manufacturers have and THE Creator appear new point for effort, a new market. On the other hand, explicit orientation of producers only on Android on the horizon looms conflict between the choice of your favorite gadget and car. Possible restrictions hardly will appeal to consumers.

Now the car manufacturers use different operating systems, among them — variations Linux, майкрософтовская Windows Embedded Automotive, QNX, owned by BlackBerry and used by most major manufacturers. Of course, for the management of secondary systems for cars applied software of own development, but usually he still is based on third party programs, for example, from the same company Microsoft. And while no special binding to select a mobile device to the peculiarities of a particular machine.

Somewhat earlier, Apple announced the arrival of cars in the iOS operating system, and also in 2014. Rather, they are talking about the firmware, which enables the use of standard мультимедийку receive full access to multiple devices from Apple. This will give staff мультимедийкам interface and functions similar to those in the smartphone iPhone, from navigation to voice Siri assistant. The interest displayed by Ferrari, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Volvo. As is seen, three companies from the list are lit up and in Alliance with Google. Clearly brewing a new round of confrontation of operating systems, now at the front of smartphones and tablets, and cars.

Now to the problem of incomplete compatibility of heterogeneous pocket electronics is added headache with a variety of electronic platforms in machines (Android, Windows, or iOS. Then you could remember variety of versions of THE Android… seems much more promising idea Jaguar, who dreams to turn the car into something similar to a universal hub capable as in a mirror reflect any operating system installed on the gadget driver. However, on the way to this goal, the company was faced with the difficulties of licensing by Apple. So that implementation of the idea is delayed. And indeed on that side of the business potential pitfalls exhausted.

«We want to bring the cars in digital life owners and their digital life in their vehicles,» said Mary Chan, President of the Global Connected Consumer, a subsidiary of GM. But is it really necessary? The legislators to introduce punishment for careless driving, do not always clearly define the boundaries of this most negligence. Even around simple devices is debatable to what extent they were distracting. Sundar Пичаи, Google’s Vice-President, says: «the Emergence of the Android platform cars will offer drivers a familiar, comfortable style of work, so that they can focus more on the road.» Perhaps there is a slyness. Car is a great gadget is more of a Foundation for the future, in which control of the machine itself will take the computer.

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