Summarize the long-term test of the Toyota Highlander crossover

Summarize the long-term test of the Toyota Highlander crossover

Alexei Smirnov, 5 hours ago. Photo Drive

We nattily on the Highlander 12 700 km, spending on fuel is a little more than forty thousand rubles and 26 422 maintenance. You need to know that CTP on the crossover from V6 to a Muscovite with a decent experience is 7808-8237 rubles, and hull insurance on the same terms — 107 381-168 341 rubles depending on the insurer.

In time flies… it Seems that recently I picked up in the office Highlander with mileage 9300 km lo and behold, it’s time to return — it was just one hundred days long test. For three and a half months, the editorial staff has dokrutili odometer to 22 000 km a Bit, but for most Russians, it is the average annual mileage. Enough to understand the operating characteristics of the vehicle. We visited and planned, although it was held in the exemplary environment, so we are a little new was learned about the work of the «official» workshop. But first things first…

Drinovci provided Highlander boring life. Immediately after receiving the crossover went beyond the Arctic circle, on the Rybachiy Peninsula. After you have a trip to Tambov in a godforsaken village of Chernousova that is located in the heart of the Tula region. But the main mileage was strangled on transport congestion Moscow and the Moscow region. And it had better not count passed away, and the engine clock during forced outages.

We chose four wheel drive SUV with a V6 engine. This is the most popular modification in Russia. 12 172 Chilingarov implemented for the first ten months of this year, only 1802 was a front.

Resource segment Highlander cheerfully otpahal without a single failure. Even small things did not get. We never changed a burned out light bulbs, not topped up the oil in the engine or antifreeze in the cooling system. But on average every three days fueled 72-litre tank «ninety-fifth gasoline. Immodest appetite crossover initially was perceived as a major drawback. Moreover, the dispersion of the values barely fit in the head: 7.3 l/100 km, when stressed economical drive, up to 19 liters per hundred, and more in the dynamics and traffic jams. But as lapping to the car, it became clear that the panic by and large false and is related to driving behaviour, different drivers. Once for a long time in the same hands, the Highlander moderate the appetite to acceptable 10,5-15,5 l/100 km

On the dash display in addition to the average or instantaneous fuel consumption, you can display a graphical econometr, which, however, almost always through the roof. Features and detailed trip report, but hardly buying SUV with a V6 engine, you will delve into the study of these graphs.

Departing in the pipe litres — fee for convincing dynamics. Highlander V6 is ready for powerful acceleration from any speed, but really «six» is revealed in the upper sector of the tachometer. Under such a motor Yes would be appropriate brakes… but this «Japanese» tight. On the primary touch the pedals crossover reacts intensive CLICOM that only confuses the driver. Subsequently, the pressure on the brake must be firmly and powerfully. Failed actuator is more annoying on a long journey, when the snail has to settle a car with high speed. For three months I have not adapted to slow down evenly.

The Highlander 249 taxable forces. But it felt all 280! The unpleasant puncture with brakes.

Another irritant is the standard navigation system, which in the course of collective test was not angry just lazy. Kostya Bolotov has even devoted an entire ode! The list of claims: the uncomfortable interface, and the dependence of the route from numerous options. Guided set in the submenu off, the arrow on the screen can lead you away at a hundred miles from the target. Attempts to set a system the brain in the direction of travel of the situation does not correct for the amendments to our car often required a system reboot.

Good interior with no frills. The climate-control comfortable swivel washers side by side with large buttons. Key sync in one click synchronize the settings of the three climatic zones. Convenient! But the touch buttons will require attention, in a way quite out of place.

Unlike the new sedan Camry announcer blunders navigation Highlander does not allow. However, the only plus detailed cartography, where drawn, even subtle paths. To abandon the navigation system can only be choosing less equipped version of the elegance from 1 741 000 rubles (top Prestige is from 1 921 000 rubles). But the alternative seven-seat cabin is not at all.

I have questions for the Luggage compartment of a Highlander. More precisely, the presence of the third row of seats that folds into the underground. For all the time imposed as a bonus I had not used even once. But, going on vacation, half a day playing Tetris in an attempt to evenly distribute the load so that she could fit under the curtain. Sure, many owners happy by semitestacea crossover, but there is a lot and those who would prefer the extra fifty liters to a volume of the trunk instead of a folding sofa. But what if there is no choice — the car is designed according to the tastes of Americans.

With the seats folded second and third rows formed flat space volume 2370 l! However, the floor is sloped towards the fifth door, which gives the additional cargo mobility while driving. In the compartment there is a bracket for attaching elastic mesh, but the mesh will have to be bought separately.

And yet listed spoon of tar dissolved in a barrel calendarscope honey almost no unpleasant bitterness — very nice car! I could not understand the nature of his own sympathy for the Highlander, but the answers can be summarized in just one word: comfortable. It concerns the capacity of the front seats, adjustable back sofa, work suspension, «machine», the efficiency of the headlights, and much more. If car designers were given gold medals for the development of single components, I would be handed over to the Japanese two. One for the bottomless box between the front seats, the other for the shelf, the stretched three-quarters of the front panel. Phones, tablet, cigarettes, napkins, bananas, nuts, gum, documents, camera… have a place.

The convenience of Highlander including abundant places for small loads. However, due to the absence in the glovebox trim its contents abracelet. Voluminous pockets in the doors are divided into compartments for drinks. In these you can store even opened bottles.

Impressed by the convenience of Highlander, the staff were so enthusiastic about its operation that first hard was late with the change of summer tyres in the winter, and then nearly missed the scheduled maintenance. On-2 I drove the car with the extra mileage of nearly seven hundred miles. Thought, have to make excuses, but the receivers in the Toyota technical center-Altufevo even did not stir. It turns out that such violations of warranty terms and conditions here close my eyes.

Funny scene: the car is washed and dried, and the work has not started. The representative from Toyota insists that the wizard before taking a picture, dressed in a new pair of overalls, and he, apparently, did not quite understand — what is wrong with the old one? But Toyota structure is somewhat similar army — here is the first out orders and then discuss them.

I can honestly say that my visit to the service took place in a special scenario. Under the terms of the agreement, I was allowed to stay in the & repairs, and Toyotomi, in turn, put maintainer. Girl Olesya has fulfilled the duties uncompromising: at her request servicemen involved in our Highlander, dressed in a new suit, and the machine hung fresh protective covers in the frame, everything should be clean! And I was back in Soviet times. This show was the norm. But in fact, the presence of accompanying means that Toyota service very carefully monitor what is happening around their vehicles. For owners it is rather a plus.

Rear mud guards — in the high risk area. Even being careful when congresses with asphalt, we broke one. Plastic protection plate is flush with the exhaust system and in contact with the ground assumes the main shock. As you can see, not without consequences. On the details of the exhaust appeared rust, which the master recognized insignificant. However, recall that our Highlander haven’t smelled the winter of gunpowder.

The disguised wizard worked without fuss: changed the oil in the engine, changed the filters and lubricate the moving parts of the body. Just listed-2-wheel drive, the Highlander 25 positions. Final verdict: all systems work as they should, the wear of friction pairs minimum. The only but is a small hole in the duster upper cylinder of the right front brake caliper. Recommended replacement. The master says that this happens when the pads are changed «informal»: there sink cylinder in violation of technology, damaging the cuff. Only on our other Highlander brake pads from the factory. In General, replaced the elastic.

To twenty-five thousand strong run front and rear brake discs worn less than a millimeter for permissible wear in three. Pads lost exactly half of their thickness: 12 millimeters to six. Statistics spoiled only a small hole in the duster cylinder. Drum brake on the photo — the Parking brake.

Smooth as in the tale — tell the reader. And will certainly be reminded of the lack of Toyota service: need to come here once in ten thousand kilometers. And this is particularly annoying compared to other brands, who set up the intervals between THE fifteen or even 20 000 km And the lack of it? Man everything is clear for him to come so often in service of wasteful and inconvenient because of the tight schedule or laziness. Ideally, it would generally not to go there or, in extreme cases, to be as seldom as possible. Pjatnadtsatitysjachnyj service interval is a compromise that seems to suit everyone. But if you take into consideration only the technical condition of the car, leaving aside other factors, in our far from ideal conditions, IT is necessary to do it more often.

By the end of the ten thousandth the interval between THE motor and especially cabin filters very dirty. In the photo — the difference between new and old.

On our Highlander by the end of ten thousandth interval, the engine started to work with little effort. Energy under the gas pedal diminished, the average fuel consumption is slightly increased, and in wet weather started quickly misted glass. The reason is the pollution of the filter elements of the engine and interior, as well as the development of lubricants. Probably on little things like you can close your eyes and quietly nezdet another 5000 miles, that was all. But is it worth it? In my opinion, making a complete overhaul of the car every 10 000 km, Toyota just doesn’t compromise. And maybe, frequent maintenance is the key to the legendary Toyota reliability?

On-2 play an hour and a half. But given the unplanned replacement cuff brake cylinder has spent more than two. The final score for the maintenance amounted to 26 422 roubles, of which 3925 rubles (kit) and 1800 rubles (for work) spent on Troubleshooting brake.

In our case, the timely replacement of anther brake cylinder has helped to avoid greater costs in the future. The moisture inside the mechanism could lead to crashes. And with brakes, recall, Highlander, and so not everything went smoothly. For reference, the cost of the brake cylinder with its replacement will cost nearly twenty thousand roubles. To change the anther — just 5725 rubles. By the way, after you correct the problem and lubrication brake actuator has become softer, and the intensity of the slowdown has increased. Yes and the overall health of the car with mileage of 22 000 km did not cause fears neither the staff nor the service — the patient is completely healthy.

Passport data

Toyota Highlander 3.5
Body type wagon
Number of doors/seats 5/7
Length, mm 4865
Width, mm 1925
Height, mm 1730
Wheelbase, mm 2790
Track front/rear, mm 1650/1635
Curb weight, kg 2040
Full weight, kg 2740
Trunk volume, l 391/813/2370*
Type petrol
Location front, transversely
The number and arrangement of cylinders 6, V-shape
Valves 24
The working volume, cm3 3456
Max. power, HP/rpm 249/6200
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 337/4700
Transmission automatic, six-speed
Drive the plug fully
Front suspension independent, spring, McPherson
Rear suspension independent, spring, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes disk
Bus 245/55 R19
Ground clearance, mm 200
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 180
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 8,7
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban cycle 14.4V
— country cycle 8,4
mixed cycle 10,6
Norm toxicity Euro 5
Fuel tank capacity, l 72
Fuel AI-95
* seven places/five/with folded seats of the second and third row.


The basic equipment version elegance Highlander 3.5
Front airbags
Side airbags
Inflatable «curtains»
The fastening of the child seat Isofix
Knee airbag
The airbag in the front passenger seat
Xenon fluorescent lights
The dynamic stabilization system
Traction control
Automatic transmission
System start/stop
Steering gear steering
Fog lights
The rain sensor
The light sensor
The wiper fifth door
Parking sensors rear
The on-Board computer
Cruise control
Three-zone climate control
System access to the interior without a key
Multifunction steering wheel
Steering wheel heating
Steering column adjustable in angle and departure
Exterior rear view mirrors heated, electrically driven
Powered driver’s seat
Separate seats of the second row
Third row seats
Seat heated first and second row
CD receiver with MP3
Integrated Bluetooth hands free system
Rear view camera
The servo tailgate
Trim skin
Alloy wheels
The color «metallic»
Additional equipment test version car Prestige
Led headlamp low beam
Parking sensors front
Powered seat front passenger
Position memory driver’s seat
Front seat ventilation
Navigation system
Sunglasses «curtains» on the rear side Windows
The wood trim
The «Deluxe» package, rubles 47 000
The price of the basic set, rubles 1 952 000
Price tested the car, rubles 2 179 000


The basis of Highlander — slightly stretched platform from sedan Camry, but instead of rear racks McPherson — memorycache from Lexus RX the last generation. From «R-x» on the Highlander installed and multi-disc clutch JTEKT with electronic control that connects the rear axle when the front slip and transmitting up to 50% thrust.

Highlander third generation long by 70 mm and wider 15.2 mm predecessor, and an upgraded body design was stiffer in torsion. The Japanese have used high-strength steel in the front and Central posts, sills and the cross-beams under the roof panel. Besides, there was serious work to reduce vibration and noise in the cabin. For example, 86% of the floor in the cabin is trimmed noise absorbing material (56%).

V6 2GR-FE with a 60-degree angle of the camber block, phasers at the inlet and outlet and the intake manifold of variable length is familiar to us by the previous generation Highlander. If earlier in our market Highlander with a V6 issued 273 power, the machine of the present generation of return decreased to 249 HP at a constant torque 337 N•m, which significantly reduced the tax burden in regions such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Behind the scenes

Of course, the most vivid impressions of ownership Highlander we brought back from long trips. Sometimes, the trunk was bursting at the seams, but then it was pitched up, and Toyota took us to the most memorable places and moments. We feared for the safety of the bottom on the roads because of the low clearance, but the weak point was… license plate frame front has come off somewhere near Murmansk… In the service, we asked them to replace. But by and large Highlander was so smooth that we had at least something to make up for the recovery of joint life. For example, we’ve added in tire nitrogen for 300 roubles and on their own experience, that in ordinary life outside the race track, it does nothing. Well, they say that the lack of results is also a result.

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