Supercar ApolloN will open a new Chapter in the history of Gumpert

Supercar ApolloN will open a new Chapter in the history of Gumpert

Leonid Popov, 1 day ago. Photo: Apollo Drives mount Central nut and tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 — the hint track oriented supercar. However, the company assures that it will be the fastest road car in the world. N Borodina mark Apollo showed teasers supercar ApolloN, which she will bring to the Geneva auto show in March. What a weird brand? It’s a well-known former Gumpert! At the end of last year, the bankrupt firm Gumpert GmbH changed owners, and this year they renamed the Apollo Automobil GmbH. Interesting here is traced the analogy with the company Fisker Automotive, which after the change of owners was called Karma Automotive, borrowed the name of his model.

Now the German car company, founded by Roland Gumpert, will carry such a sign and such designation. This novation is not completed: funds from China has enabled the firm to open a new technical center in Denkendorf.

Coupe ApolloN will be the successor of the supercar Gumpert Apollo. Judging by the recent trailer (shown under the title), a new model, in fact, is the result of its deep processing. However, on the published image actually presents two cars. Perhaps this is a road and track version, but it is not excluded, that before us are two unrelated cars. However, it seems, under the supervision of Chinese investors firm will be primarily to develop the design, which once brought her success.

All the secrets of Apollo Automobil will open in Geneva on the first of March. It then becomes clear that the nose appeared on the teasers and…

…what kind of car will show off these highly placed exhaust pipes.

Recall that different variations of the Apollo had the V8 4.2 Audi engine with two turbochargers. In a pure version of the track R (2012) «eight» on this coupe was developed 860 «horses», and on road modifications Apollo S (2013) — 750, which is quite enough for acceleration to a hundred in 2.9 seconds In a brand new vehicle, you can expect no less impressive settings.

The company was intrigued by small details. Surprisingly, all the work is carried out in such a short time. By the way, the old concept Tornante, apparently, completely forgotten, and the project Explosion in a production car is unlikely to develop.

I should add that the new owner of the former Gumpert is a Hong Kong investment consortium Ideal Team Venture. Now he owns and «sleeping» brand De Tomaso. It is known that the Chinese intend to revive it. The revived De Tomaso cars must be sold at least in China — and maybe beyond.

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