Supercars Ferrari LaFerrari will re-send a service

Supercars Ferrari LaFerrari will re-send a service

Anastasia Korolkova, 25 minutes ago. Photo: Ferrari

Under revocable campaign hit hybrid supercar, released 15 may 2014 to 4 March 2015.

M art is the news that Ferrari will withdraw all sold the supercar LaFerrari, has alarmed many. Serious malfunction that could result in a vehicle fire, not from the «childhood diseases». The other day it became known that the owners of hybrids will again call for service. Under review at this time were 85 cars.

The last time the risk of fire is minimized by coating the fuel tanks of a new insulation coating, not conducting electricity.

Problems found in the design of head restraints passenger seat and the tire pressure sensor. This means that in a crash the head restraint will not be able to take the required amount of energy, and the sensor when the puncture may not work. Service campaign on two defects in supercars Ferrari LaFerrari will begin in the next week, car owners will receive notification.

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