SUV Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has learned to change the thrust vector

SUV Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has learned to change the thrust vector

Leonid Popov, 18 hours ago. Photo and illustration: Mitsubishi

Changes in the transmission did not have an impact on the passport acceleration, top speed and fuel consumption.

In Russia started selling a new version of crossover Mitsubishi OutlanderSport (1 479 000 rubles). The engine is only one — V6 3.0 (230 PS, 292 N•m), box — six-speed «automatic». Crossover Outlander Sport received the transmission S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control), according to the company, «technology-based full drive of the legendary Lancer Evolution». However, as in the last generation of the SUV, it’s not about the literal toss construct from one model to another, and on compliance with the philosophy of the S-AWC. This dynamic control of the torque distribution between the wheels (including between the walls), taking into account the angular velocity of the vehicle, lateral acceleration, steering angle. But the method of implementation of this task on Outlander your.

System S-AWC on Outlander is still front-wheel drive (basically) transmission connecting the rear axle using a multi-plate clutch controlled by electronics. But in the front there is an electronically active differential (AFD) with multi-disc clutch that can redistribute the traction between the wheels. Also in the dynamic control over the movement of the vehicle involved electric power steering and brakes, runs the commands of the stabilization system and anti-lock brakes, selectively podtormazhivaja wheels. Their control units are connected by bus with the electronic unit S-AWC as well as with the control units of the engine and automatic transmission.

The joint efforts of all the components of the S-AWC insufficient or reduce oversteer, helping to take turns. The video shows how the car with the S-AWC in the same conditions at 3-5 km/h toured his sister with a conventional four-wheel drive AWC.

In the system S-AWC has four modes, switchable interior button (in the usual four-wheel drive Outlander only three): «Cheap» is normally activated only on the front axle, but when her thrashing connects the rear), the «Normal» (full drive torque distribution between the axles under the terms of the clutch), «Snow» provides optimal traction on slippery surfaces) and «Lock» (improves performance on difficult terrain, intense activating the clutch). Interestingly, equipping version of the Sport repeats picking 3.0 AWD Ultimate (leather, xenon headlights, navigation system, power fifth door, and so on) with a conventional four-wheel drive All-Wheel Control, which is only 19 000 RUR less than «Sport». Something to think about when selecting performances.

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