Swim in Moscow Raceway in coupe and Gallardo Lamborghini

Swim in Moscow Raceway in coupe and Gallardo Lamborghini

With трашно slippery! And I was lucky with the neighbor on the machine. And he with me. I am a cowardly passenger — he, too, so cherish each other’s nerves. But what a coincidence! From the crowd of journalists and hot «VIPs» me in a couple of accidentally got тишайший Oleg Petrikov, Director-General of Smolensk ring», a professional racer, the leader of the Russian туринга. Peace of mind — that’s all we need. Over the route Moscow Raceway heavens opened, and in the слабеньком Lamborghini — 550 PS

Ten-year Gallardo, which Drive he had already met in Italy, the soon-to-retire — and does not mind. Stupid car, and be nervous, not balanced. Maybe he can accelerate up to a hundred for three seconds and a half, and genuinely десятицилиндрово sings, but painful to watch Oleg fights with him almost every turn. The demolition of the skid, all sliding begin suddenly and abruptly without any logic. Mostly Galya (as deservedly name is Gallardo racers) плужит muzzle. Long and stupid.

After the recent restyling no need to look closely to the small шильдикам on the thresholds to distinguish four-wheel drive LP 560-4 (left) from the rear-wheel drive LP 550-2. Among machines of different bumpers. However, in Russia are sold only полноприводники — from 11 280 000 rubles.

My hopes were that the modification of the rear-wheel drive LP 550-2 will be interesting to management. Not in such conditions! Under the rain Galya consistently inadequate. The system of stabilization, which was not allowed to disable, demolition does not work. Yes and drifting fights very selectively. The only exercise without the «collar» — дрифтовая eight in the paddock. But weak 25% blocking does not give much to develop gas. Just tried expands.

Close beauty Gallardo with borrowed from Audi elements is morally obsolete.

Full drive on the standard LP 560-4 (560, as you know, is the power, and the 4 — four driven wheels) provides on slippery surface the best acceleration, but in turns prevents. Вискомуфта connects the front with заминкой, and takes not more than 30% of torque. Пересаживаешься with rear-wheel drive cars and also suffer. However, you can at least gas use bolder and breaking, breaking the Lambo. Gallardo under the thrust of the полноприводнее coupe sibling Audi R8 (its changeable character in the limit I did not like), front wheel honestly row to the last. But, you know, not felt in the standard Gallardo culture, as if they are configured improperly.

Gallardo is a rare car, not a special buzz in the glide.

But the Italians are better. Example LP 570-4 Superleggera. If and to spend 12 million rubles for the aged Gallardo, you take solely Суперледжеру. The overpayment of about ten percent, and improving the sense of cars on the whole fifty. Nominally Superleggera just a little easier and the ten forces more powerful, but it is clear that dealt with her. Sharper reaction, clearer communication on the steering wheel: the feeling that machine at least other tires, while partner Pirelli P Zero here are the same everywhere. Quicker and more logical responses to the supply of fuel, even voice clearer and louder, much more effective than the composite brakes… Суперледжерой too difficult to manage in the rain, but she didn’t just play tricks on, but also, say, predictably demonstrates the character.

After a couple of laps on the LP 570-4, we переглядываемся with Oleg: it’s quite another matter! Approaching chief instructor of the event, Anton Vasin: «Guys, Superleggera — thing, Yes?» Have not been for Lamborghini gift optional sports. If a simple Galya behaves as if he had never seen a race track, the Superleggera on Moscow Raceway at ease. No wonder sports division Squadra Corse caught prior to the preparation of cars category of GT3. Earlier Lamborghini under great sport prepared only desperate maniacs at your own risk.

Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica — the драйверский and easy Lamborghini. Dry weight — 1340 kg

Lamborghini has still do not have your own test track, as, for example, Ferrari, and upbringing of the «bulls» are traditionally engaged on public roads. But the successor Gallardo, who is rumored to be called Сabrera, hard drive on Нюрбургрингу, like some sort of «er-eighth». It’s not good. I think that the vaccine good manners not harm the brand. I saw there and charged Aventador: preparing the next SV, Super Veloce maybe 800-strong…

To paraphrase Mikhalkov: «Of the Bologna luxury the red supercar…» dry Land during acceleration to 100 km/h can be of three seconds to go…

Ultra fast. And not подберешь a more precise definition, because standard Aventador with 6.5 V12 capacity of 700 PS already stunningly fast. It is noticeably heavier than the Gallardo, more stable and easier to manage, because the overall degree of hysteria little lower. But dispersal dynamics умопомрачительна. The rapid change in the numbers on the digital speedometer, blind veil spray — it seems you really are flying in low cloud. Oh, how appropriate is now aerospace design created not without the influence of stylists at Boeing!

Interior Авентадора intriguing design, but the sad number of inexpensive plastic and mediocre ergonomics. Graphical dashboard little information, controls transmission are uncomfortable zone at the base of the center console and under wheel levers — just a shame.

The first in our trio is Vasin on a four wheel Gale, followed Petrikov on Авентадоре. Gallardo dived in the first turn, and Aventador Oleg suddenly takes an unexpectedly large radius. Another moment and the steering wheel of my car for 17.6 million rubles emptied: gliding on a water film, she goes into the side of the lawn. Aquaplaning! The clutch is returned in the place where it is necessary to redirect the car in the next bend. There is also a disturbing glide path past the apex. Hook — OC… Not quite.

Lamborghini is primarily guillotine door, and then everything else. There are views, where a sponsor label Pirelli especially pissed off.

Something strange is happening with Lambo: motor slow in reacting to the accelerator. At the exit of turn I try to add gas, and the result is near the floor. Pedal to the floor, the wheels are already almost look right, but Aventador still not sure whether to accelerate even as I please. Приотпускаю pedal, again, add to and communicate with the power unit is restored. We rush off in pursuit of the Galya.

Maybe not the Strada? Sell me a road mode on more cheeky racing, Corsa. Frantically looking for the mode switch — ‘s not here on the go mess! The Central console is a cloud keys. Shake on the word corsa is not pressed. It’s amazing with bulbs! As for the change of regimes correspond to its small moveable wings. Design, damn it! And where is the manual key mode of the box? Somewhere under the elbow. Here’s to you, my Italian friends, blitz-test the ergonomics. So it is checked: only when sat in the rain and still instructor customize…

Maybe Aventador and shorter sedan of business-class, but the width exceeds two meters!

Accelerator became порезче, but the failures of the thrust is not passed. But switching «robot» Graziano of hard steel explosive. Watch video: the whole car shakes of a massive gear shock when moving up. Shakes and sounds like someone has the seat bag with broken bottles. Because the power unit deployed box forward, basket clutch is just my next door, and closed it so shock that machine повиливает on wet straight, forcing подруливать. Here’s fear…

The V12 engine with conventional distributed injection is mounted on an aluminum stretcher. Visible Ohlins dampers arranged horizontally on a formula manners. On the plate with peeling paint — order ignition cylinder.

Puffy Aventador not overshadowed habits Суперледжеру. But he was remarkable for the fact that unlike Gallardo participates in the historical Lambo-relay. I feel a breath of cars that never personally knew exactly seem to me Murcielago, Diablo, Countach… Although I don’t see them in Авентадоре. But what to do, if capital, in our time, so милитаризован that it stands only on something that looks like a stealth bomber.

Due to the complete drive clutch Haldex Aventador stable reactions on the supply of fuel than normal Gallardo. But before Суперледжеры does not hold.

In the Gallardo I don’t feel no Ferruccio nor the legendary Valentino Balboni and only grown on artificial mixtures агрегатоноситель delightful engine V10 5.2, which was developed primarily for the R8. Most likely, replaced suffered from injuries Gallardo eventually come more realer love child Audi and Lamborgnini, luxury car Prodigy, Cabrera or whatever her… But a carrier of the gene Feruccio will remain 12-cylinder flagship.

We have too little time to be distracted by a cell with some text. Importantly give you listen to Lamborghini and try to pass an atmosphere of the storm track. Notice how Авентадоре I’m in a hurry mode switch Strada-Sport-Corsa…

Surprisingly, that, marking the 50th anniversary, the Lamborghini still making machine, free and clear intellect, appealing to the road neophytes. Charming lack of semitones, captivating inability to compromise. Hardly experienced driver will pay for Aventador as much as asked. But from the Amateur Lambo easily achieves what no way be achieved from the spectators in the cinema. So he поржал to colic and immediately обделался from fear. Franchise, «scary movie» should advise the Italian интерьерщики, linkers and, of course, marketers.

They say, hit the road in the rain is a good sign. This is the first event of the company «AVTODOM» in the rank of the official dealer Lamborgini. Ahead is not an easy work with Italians, glorify his ambition in relations with distributors. But автодомовцы say that in their business in General there are no easy partners.

Gallardo shocking neurasthenia, Aventador — views and speed, as Superleggera on their background — alarming нормальностью. And they were all equally shocked by the price. There’s no such a shock-brand. With two machines in the portfolio. Business with Lamborghini is generally some suspense. Clients, of course, does not seek peace in the machines of Santa Agata, only large Russian market adventurouses for unreasonably large money? The new dealer, Moscow «AVTODOM», attended by us on the Moscow Raceway, — not the first who attempts sell Lamborghini. The main thing — knock three times on the cheap plastic — not to last.

Passport data

Model LP 550-2 Gallardo Coupe Gallardo LP 560-4 Coupe 4WD LP 570-2 Gallardo Superleggera LP 700-4 Aventador
Body type coupe coupe coupe coupe
Number of doors/places 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2
Length, mm 4345 4345 4386 4780
Width, mm 1900 1900 1900 2030
Height, mm 1165 1165 1165 1136
Wheelbase, mm 2560 2560 2560 2700
Track front/rear mm 1632/1597 1632/1597 1632/1597 1720/1700
Dry weight, kg 1380 1410 1340 1695
Trunk volume, l 110 110 110 150
Type gasoline direct injection gasoline direct injection gasoline direct injection gasoline
Location in the basis of longitudinal in the basis of longitudinal in the basis of longitudinal in the basis of longitudinal
No. and arrangement of cylinders 10, V-shaped 10, V-shaped 10, V-shaped 12, V-shaped
Number of valves 40 40 40 48
Working volume, cm3 5204 5204 5204 6498
Max. power, HP/rpm 550/8000 560/8000 570/8000 700/8250
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 540/6500 540/6500 540/6500 690/5500
Transmission M6/P6 P6 P6 P7
Drive rear complete with вискомуфтой complete with вискомуфтой complete with clutch Haldex IV
Front suspension independent, spring, двухрычажная independent, spring, двухрычажная independent, spring, двухрычажная independent, spring, двухрычажная
Rear suspension independent, spring, двухрычажная independent, spring, двухрычажная independent, spring, двухрычажная independent, spring, двухрычажная
Front brakes perforated disc perforated disc perforated disc perforated disc
Rear brakes perforated disc perforated disc perforated disc perforated disc
Bus 235/35 R19 / 295/30 R19 235/35 R19 / 295/30 R19 235/35 R19 / 295/30 R19 235/35 R19 / 335/30 R20
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 320 325 324 350
The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h, with 3,9 3,7 3,4 2,9
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban 20,1 20,7 20,4 24,7
country cycle 9,2 9,6 9,4 10,7
— combined 13,3 13,7 13,5 16
Norm toxicity Euro-5 Euro-5 Euro-5 Euro-5
Fuel tank capacity, l 90 90 90 90
Fuel AI-98 AI-98 AI-98 AI-98
M6 — six-speed manual transmission; P6 — six-speed robotized gear box; P7 — seven-speed robotized gearbox.


Unlike Gallardo, which is based on the spatial aluminum frame, the skeleton Авентадора — carbon fiber monocoque. However, it is burned in two halves like soap dishes. At the stage of forming углеткани in monocoque embedded aluminum bookmarks, which are mounted on the front and rear stretchers. Weight of the whole structure — 229,5 kg and torsional rigidity — 35 000 N•m/deg.

Highlight двухрычажных pendants — horizontal springs and dampers, with tappets. Front supplemented by hydraulic cylinders for forced increase in clearance when driving irregularities. Brakes карбонокерамические with 400-millimeter front discs and шестипоршневыми calipers.

Aluminum engine V12 6.5 (factory index L539) with a 60-degree collapse of the blocks is installed the flywheel forward and costs the usual MPI Yes mechanism of changes in the timing. Lubrication system, as V10 Gallardo, — dry-sump. Feature семиступенчатого «robot» company Graziano with one dual clutch transmission — system of individual drives enable each transfer ISR (Independent Shifting Rod), which allows to switch gears just 50 MS up to 40% faster «robot» e gear in the Gallardo. In the drive the front wheels — электронноуправляемая fourth-generation Haldex.

History with a mid-engined Lamborghini V12(Robert Есенов)

The first среднемоторным supercar Lamborghini Miura was. She was born back in 1966, but now cause a truly incredible feelings — I want to put the work of legendary designer Marcello Gandini in his house or apartment and admire it for hours, days, years… For the technical component respond not less talented people — engineer Джанпаоло Даллара, his assistant Paolo Станцани and test pilot Bob Wallace. Working days and nights, they had developed a prototype to the Turin motor show 1965, and at the Geneva motor show 1966 was shown serial luxury car with a beautiful name. Length — 4360 mm, wheelbase — 2500 mm, Under body panels — steel monocoque and double-lever suspension with anti-roll bar, front and rear. Double compartment received the atmospheric motor V12 3.9 (four camshaft and four carburetor Weber), situated cross immediately behind the seats. The engine, designed by Giotto Биззарини, version P400 developing 350 BHP and 355 N•m With the machine with dry mass 1125 kg and a five-speed «mechanics» could accelerate to 270 km/h, and 97 km/h gained seven seconds — Miura P400 was the fastest production car on the planet. In November 1968 in Turin debuted version P400 S (or Miura S) with a more powerful engine V12 (370 forces, 388 N•m) and the advanced equipment. And since 1971 version P400 S yielded on the conveyor place modification P400SV. The latter differed from its predecessors in подретушированной the exterior and the interior, as well as modified 385-horsepower engine and a top speed of 290 km/H. For six years (from the end of 1966 until 1972) was done 275 coupe Miura P400, 338 machines P400 S and 150 P400 SV, not counting piece instances Miura Jota, SV/J Spider, a Roadster.

Successor Миуры, Countach kept заднеприводную, среднемоторную layout with a V12. But the design… Countach still strikes, strikes with its angular appearance, and then… : fighter! The author is the same Gandini. Today, nearly forty years later, Countach, hardly a design masterpiece. But the door supercar opened up, not sideways, as Миуры. Aluminum body panels hide tubular frame and double-lever suspension. Lightweight design has helped to significantly reduce the dry weight of the basic versions — up to 1065 kg Over this machine Даллара already been in the team left and Станцани, and new Zealander Wallace. Version of the LP 400 and LP 400S were content engine V12 3.9, which filmed 355-375 forces and 356-361 N•m acceleration up to a hundred соаставляло of 5.4 and 5.9 respectively, and the maximum speed reached 309 and 292 km/H. Countach LP 500S was equipped with a V12 engine 4.8 (375 HP, 418 N•m), but these cars already weighed 1480 kg At the top of the range were LP 5000S Quattrovalvole and Evoluzione. These monsters commissioned a new V12 engine 5.2 with 455 and 490 forces (both 500 N•m). But Evoluzione stood apart, created under the leadership of Horacio Pagani supercar was almost fully made of composite materials, including monocoque and external panels. Compared with the LP 5000S QV, curb weight p.m. at 500 kg, an acceleration time fell to 4.2 with (LP 5000S QV — 4,9), and the maximum speed increased with 295 330 km/h Faster was only наддувный 748-strong prototype LP 500 Turbo S (up to a hundred — for 3,6!), that the pipeline is not hit. Issue in Santa Agatha lasted from 1974 to 1990, and was made by 2024 supercar Countach.

Lamborghini Diablo was one of the reasons why boys tons bought chewing gum Turbo. But the development of the model took place in difficult times. Project 132 started in 1985, when after the bankruptcy of the Italian firm bought Swiss businessmen Joe and Patrick Мимраны of Moroccan origin. Marcello Gandini gave the world another stunning design work, but it polishing engaged in The Gale, stylist concern Chrysler — U.S. auto giant bought a Lamborghini in 1987. In a series of Diablo went in 1990: length — 4460 mm, width — 2040, a centimetre wider Авентадора! Customers were offered a variety of modifications, the «charged» and lightweight, closed and open, with rear wheel drive and with full (in the drive of the front axle appeared вискомуфта). To the restyling of 1999 Diablo was fitted with a V12 engine 5.7 paired with a five-speed «mechanics». Suggested several variants of the boost: 499-603 PS (580-639 N•m). Curb weight ranged 1450-1625 kg, Not the most powerful versions of Diablo were dispersed to hundreds of 4,5 C and developed 325 km/H. After the 1998 Volkswagen AG acquired Lamborghini, changed the exterior and the interior in the scheme appeared шестилитровый V12 (558-583 «horse»), and the V12 engine 5.7 added in power up to 536 forces. But the main thing — after the merger with Volkswagen Diablo grew up a lot of the build quality and reliability. By 2001, was released 2884 «devils».

Murcielago (named in honor of the Spanish fighting bull) also remained in the pipeline for a long time: from 2001 to 2010. But circulation rose to 4089 machines. Structurally, the Murcielago is similar to Diablo. Both on the basis of a steel space frame with aluminium elements. But the rigidity of «skeleton» increased to 20 000 N•m/deg. Body panels made of steel and composite materials, suspension — the same двухрычажки with dual coil springs and shock absorbers at the rear. But Murcielago was exclusively wheel-drive, and межколесные differentials were blocking (25% of the front and up to 45% on the back). The mighty V12 seriously modified: version 6.2 (580 PS, 649 N•m, 3.8 seconds, 332 km/h) was the flagship from 2001 to 2006. After the upgrade in March 2006 volume brought up to six and a half liters, and the returns rose to 640 forces and 660 N•m But, for example, the eponymous Roadster throw 650 PS, a version of the SuperVeloce is 670! Coupe Murcielago SV катапультировалось to 100 km/h in 3.2, and its maximum speed reached 342 km/H. in Addition to the brand new six-speed «mechanics» has a robot e gear. The Murcielago you can order карбонокерамические brakes. Rates have stolen up to $400 thousand, and for гиперкар Lamborghini Reventon (released 21 piece), built on the basis of the Murcielago, asked over two million dollars.

Behind the scenes

Almost all cars are imported and are used for such roadshow around the world. Not all return home safe. Ironically broken Gallardo shipped broken Italian Ferrari. However, it is not from Maranello, and Barreto… Despite the danger racing helmets and have lain untouched: the people we have slim and Lamborghini low ceilings. The original client program Squadra Corse represented pair chef-instructors and worked with people known to us guys in the original school Audi. The main in this time — Vasin Jr., Anton. He looks so father! Despite the fact that in the event the machine posed on the background of posters Castrol, under лючком Авентадора found a sticker «Lamborghini recommends that the G-Drive».

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