Talk in low tones with supercharged Porsche Cayenne S

Talk in low tones with supercharged Porsche Cayenne S

Robert heat, 2 hours ago. Photo Drive

Upgraded Cayenne presented on our market in eight versions with petrol and diesel engines from 300 to 570 forces. Rates from 3 528 000 to 9 230 000. All models are equipped with four-wheel drive transmission and vosmigigabaytnyiy «automatic».

In lately crossovers Porsche Cayenne second generation one above the other joke in the forums: «you are wanted in the car for five million more and sign up?» Tapping the front suspension when driving irregularities, unimportant work, Keyless access to the salon, weak radio and the television set is bad lockable filler cap washer fluid reservoir quality picture with rear view camera — reasons for mutual trolling enough. But serious damage worry not, as before. After a change of generations V8 engine 4.5 no longer needs gilzovka on the run up to 80 000 km, fewer claims, and to the suspension, including suspension. It remains to get rid of small bugs. Did restyling?

On October 11, when started selling before the end of 2014, the Russians bought 729 updated Cayennes. Just four years later sold 10 263 second generation machines. Version S choose 15.7% of buyers, and the most popular Cayenne Diesel (39,7%). On a basic car with a petrol V6 accounted for 19.6%, Turbo — 9,3%, GTS — 8,5%, the S Diesel — 4,8%, S Hybrid is 1.9%, the Turbo S is 0.5%.

In the test Cayenne interior in natural leather costs almost 390 thousand rubles! It covered even the housing interior mirror, sun visors, steering column and base of the front seats. The wheel a La Porsche 918 Spyder — the most notable innovation in the salon.

Our Cayenne S, we carefully investigated. A lid which closes the neck of the washer tank under the hood, now no rattles. Radio Moscow and the Moscow region catches without interference. Yes and Keyless access issues for the week does not arise: the machine I felt as soon as I pulled the handle of the front or rear doors. But alteration of appearance in the style of the desert was not affected by the side mirror, which in rainy weather hopelessly covered in mud, depriving me of the review. When the travel speed bumps still hear noises in the depths of the front suspension, although the mileage of the test crossover does not exceed one thousand kilometers. And the picture is low resolution with a rear view camera on a small by today’s standards the display does not match the machine status…

For multimedia complex PCM with navigation asking 162 thousand rubles, though the performance and picture quality, and the size of the display leaves much to be desired. Lament on the dashboard, overloaded with information, it makes no sense — it for all Porsche model. Heated steering works around the rim. Between the handles on the center console control unit transmission, air suspension and adaptive dampers.

Jellied mouth of a washer tank is located far from the wing, but her cap is captured well. The dipstick does not look for it there.

Multimedia complex of beach Cayenne, as well as kinship of the Touareg. After widescreen TVs in BMW, Mercedes and Lexus, Porsche you like going blind. It seems that on the small screen of information is too much, especially when you look at the log of the trip. Not enough system performance, navigation twirls map spurts. Systems MMI, iDrive and Command Online Parchevsky PCM responds with a touchscreen and fifty buttons on the center console! But the buttons are not afraid: perhaps many — but they are logically and quickly get used to them.

In the «base» — bi-xenon adaptive headlights (our case), but at the cost of 90 thousand — led. They steal, Yes. Third-party firms put optics on the screws, fix ropes, but so vandals can cause damage to the hood, fenders or bumper. Radiators are hidden behind the side air ducts, a target for stones.

In the salon — a new wheel, which, without exaggeration, suitable for all passenger cars in the world, whether it be a car or tysiacholitniy hypercar. The list of options Germans complements the around view monitor, Electromechanical closers doors and ventilation rear of the sofa. Everything was as it was: the usual precision Assembly and finishing of the highest quality. Landing — Shine! It seems that this sports chair you were born, you in it has grown and you can’t imagine life without him.

Seats with nine adjustments and memory are 90 thousand rubles, but massage in the list of options there. The back is spacious, sofa regulated cushion and backrest, a separate unit climate control — option for 40 thousands. Sofa molded under two, and on the floor stands a powerful Central tunnel as they say, odd.

Quick Cayenne after restyling has become even faster. The Diesel version has added 17 HP (up to 262), Turbo — 20 «horses», and the hybrid version was the motor as much as two times more power. But we chose to test Cayenne S, because he has changed more rest. As a result of modernization of the motor line was removed will sladkogolosoi atmospheric «eight» 4.5. Sorry. It is, of course, loved to eat butter, but it was all good-bye for charisma. Instead V8 «Eski» now supercharged six-cylinder, engine displacement of 3.6 liters Defective replacement? Two turbocharger diffuse skepticism!

The Cayenne no matter whether pure asphalt under the wheels, coated or covered with snow and ice, — direct it in any case keeps exemplary. And the noise is such that you will not hear Catania spikes.

The unit, known to us by Mocanu, produces 420 HP and 550 N•m instead of 400 forces and 500 Newton-meters. Earlier peak thrust accounted for 3500-5300 rpm, the maximum torque available earlier, but the range is a third larger: 1350-4500 rpm With the same eight-speed automatic Aisin crossover mass 2085 kg accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.4 C. the Precursor was easier (2065 kg), slower (5,8 with for a machine with the same Sport Chrono package). At the same time declared that the Cayenne S has become more economical: consumption in the certification cycle was reduced from 10.5 l/100 km to 9.8 l… We didn’t measure the dynamics, but in the passport I believe, and the average consumption, «ninety-eight» during the test was about 17 l/100 km

The algorithm suspension has not changed. Standard clearance «Eski» is 210 mm, the People often likes to ride so, in the interim, raised to 238 mm position of the body. Serious off-road distance to the ground can be increased to 268 mm, and at high speed between the road and the bottom remains 18-19 see

The first thing you notice driving restyled «Eski», — silence. Up to 3000 rpm the engine is almost inaudible, even at fully open throttle sound too intelligent. If you are not dispersed, and someone nearby. From the exhaust system comes only strained «uuuuu». It is a pity that the car has no vote, driver — additional emotions, because with the new motor Cayenne S flies than ever. Powerfully takes almost from idle and 2000 rpm rushes forward so as not running Cheetah for antelope. Then «machine» quickly, with barely noticeable jerk poltical next level — and the flight continues. Bicarbonate 3.6 — your Genie: is a little «RUB» the gas pedal, like a magic lamp, » and «six» will fulfill every desire in the city and on the highway.

Trunk volume — 670-1780 HP But with such a rich finish here can be put safely only Persian rugs. Under the floor — zakatka, and on the right wall there is a button push lowering the rear suspension in the loading mode. The key you want to hold until the clearance is reduced to 158 mm

The second generation Cayenne on the move was, of course, softer predecessor, but comfortable it could only be called a very tolerant person. Two crossover must be first Porsche, manageability, was put at the forefront when configuring the chassis. And yet in the preparation of the updated versions of engineers have small concessions: reconfigure podmazochnyj mode Comfort towards the best ride. The difference ephemeral — low profile tyres Cayenne still pays attention to any small and medium-sized bumps, though not shakes. Holes or steps with sharp edges suspension works and is painful as before restyling.

Under normal conditions, the magnetic clutch transmits on the front only a tenth part of the thrust. If necessary, the clutch is blocked completely, but in motion Cayenne S almost always retains the rear-wheel habits. On snow after a sharp pressing on the accelerator the car for a moment hangs in the demolition, and then gently goes into a skid. The glide angle is controlled by a steering wheel and gas.

On site project Manager for the upgrade of the Cayenne I would have paid more attention to the calibration of steering. At the beginning of the high-speed protracted arc not always possible to set the optimum direction due to vague effort at small angles, often have to find the trajectory during rotation. And still it would not hurt to work on damping taxiings when driving on potholes. Cayenne is undoubtedly sports, but in the end it seemed to me that the new BMW X6 is able to deliver more pleasure control: Yes, it is tougher, rougher, but responsive, and its suspension seems more collected.

The Cayenne derecognise moves suspensions, and geometric cross is not astonishing: the entrance angle is 26.3°, Congress — 23º. That is more than the BMW X6 (25º and 22.5 º), but worse than the model Range Rover Sport (33 and 31º). But «intelligent» all-wheel drive transmission with active rear gearbox and air suspension will easily overpower the road, where the owner of a Porsche is not afraid to go through.

Crossover Porsche no fool: he’s got a wonderful turbo engine, automatic Aisin quick and reliable, and all-wheel drive transmission efficient. Suspension is not devoid of balance, manageability, thoroughbred, and insulation of beauty Cayenne would have put the belt most sedans Executive class. The sense of quality, level of workmanship, attention to detail a car, you can still set an example.

In the Sport mode (as suspension and powertrain) Cayenne S optimal: moderately built and comfortable. As it reacts to the gas — not abruptly and without unnecessary pauses. But Sport Plus makes the crossover too nervous. Brakes with sectionseven calipers front and rear chetyrehporshnevye — with enough headroom.

But now Cayenne doesn’t seem as perfect as four years ago. Blame the competitors: press new technologies and a broader list of equipment deceive spacious interiors beckon power unit fan to tread the accelerator. Behind the wheel of a brand new, with a brand-new Cayenne understand that, like people, cars do not become younger over time. The rear fascia has become less fanciful, but in General it has already become boring, menu deserved multimedia system Zamorano to the holes in the current realities would like more deep restyling. And better machines of the new generation.

Passport data

Model Porsche Cayenne S
Body type wagon
Number of doors/seats 5/5
Length, mm 4855
Width, mm 1939
Height, mm 1705
Wheelbase, mm 2895
Track front/rear, mm 1655/1669
Curb weight, kg 2085
Full weight, kg 2860
Trunk volume, l 670-1780
Type petrol with direct fuel injection
Location front, longitudinally
The number and arrangement of cylinders 6, V-shape
Valves 24
The working volume, cm3 3604
Max. power, HP/rpm 420/6000
Max. torque, N•m/rpm 550/1350-4500
Transmission eight-speed automatic
Drive the plug fully
Front suspension independent, pneumatic, two-arm
Rear suspension independent, pneumatic, multi-link
Front brakes ventilated disc
Rear brakes ventilated disc
Bus 255/55 R18
Ground clearance, mm 210-268
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed, km/h 259
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, 5,5
Fuel consumption, l/100 km
— urban cycle 13,0
— country cycle 8,0
mixed cycle 9,8
Norm toxicity Euro 6
Fuel tank capacity, l 85
Fuel AI-98


The basic equipment Porsche Cayenne S
Front airbags
Side airbags
Rear air bags
Inflatable «curtains»
The dynamic stabilization system
Adaptive dampers
Air suspension
Adjusting ground clearance
System start/stop
Bi-xenon headlights
Adaptive headlights
Fog lights
Control tire pressure
The rain sensor
The light sensor
The on-Board computer
Cruise control
Dual-zone climate control
Heated front seats
Exterior rear view mirrors heated, electrically driven
CD receiver with MP3
Powered front seats
Multifunction steering wheel
Anti-theft alarm system
The servo tailgate
Trim combination leather upholstery and fabric
Alloy wheels
The main options from the list of additional equipment
Keyless access to the interior 52 509
Heated windshield 22 830
Four-zone climate control 39 381
18-way adaptive sport seats with memory package for front seats 90 749
Autonomous system pre-heating the car with remote switching 88 466
The headrests of the front and rear seats with embossed Porsche emblem 19 405
Black beauty with smooth leather trim 153 530
3-spoke multifunction steering wheel with trim dark walnut wood, heated 28 823
Sun visors with leather trim in interior color with decorative stitching 33 959
Steering column with leather trim 28 252
The base seats with leather trim 85 041
Rear view mirror with leather trim 22 259
The decoration of the front panel skin 65 350
Rear view camera including a sensor system, Parking assistance front and rear 73 626
Rear view mirrors (exterior and interior) with auto-dimming 17 122
The suppression system rolls (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) 154 101
Active rear gearbox (Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus) with electronic locking rear transverse differential 71 343
The Sport Chrono Package 36 528
21-inch wheels SportEdition, painted black, with the spreaders wheel arches 245 991
Heated front and rear seats 20 832
Front seat ventilation 44 518
The system of assistance to the driver when changing lanes, including the alert system, lane departure 59 358
Adaptive cruise control including preventive protection 90 749
Multimedia system Porsche Communication Management with navigation 162 662
Protocol support Bluetooth 31 391
Bose Audio System 64 780
Panoramic roof 96 456
The color «metallic» 50 796
The price of the basic set, rubles 4 575 000
Price tested the car, rubles 6 610 475


In the basis of the current Cayenne — optimized platform predecessor with extended 40 mm wheelbase. Two-arm front suspension, memorycache back. Elastokinematic revised: elastic elements have become more susceptible to vertical loads for the sake of smoothness, but it’s tougher to transverse and torsion — this is for better manageability. The steering is supplemented by a variable displacement hydraulic pump, where the pressure amplifier is created only when necessary. After upgrading, the engineers have reconfigured the air suspension, which is the Comfort mode was even softer to respond to irregularities. When this calibration steering has not changed.

In the «base» Cayennes are equipped with spring suspension. It is possible to add electroneutrality PASM dampers, which are under computer changes the path of circulation of the damping liquid. The design of the racks Sachs the Cayenne and Touareg are the same, but the range of cross sections of the bypass valves and tuning control electronics in their Porsche. The high content of aluminum in the chassis gave saving weight 33 kg

For versions of the Cayenne S and Turbo are offered suppression system rolls Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC). This hydraulic cylinders embedded in the context of the stabilizer bars. When the pressure of the working fluid in the system halves of the stabilizer rotated relative to each other, working as a Jack stand stabilizer of the Board, which sank under the action of centrifugal force.

The body of the second generation Cayenne 111 kg lighter than its predecessor, and a bit stiffer than the new Touareg, mainly due to a shorter roof. Aluminum fifth door then filled in the manner of a hatchback, although the geometry of the front and middle racks — as Volkswagen. Indirectly add stiffness and same aluminum front fenders. The hood is also made of «winged metal».

«Eska» equipped with «six» 3.6 with two equal turbochargers, which has already completed a model of the Panamera and Macan. Return — 420 HP and 550 N•m, the motor 20 forces more powerful naturally-aspirated V8 predecessor 4.8 and paired with eight-speed automatic Tiptronic S accelerates the crossover to 100 km/h in 5.5 sec (sportpaket Sport Chrono — 5.4 (C), i.e. the previous Cayenne S slower 0.4 C. the basis of this unit — a unit from liter V6 (even strength the same), but with a larger stroke (from 69 to 83 mm) and own attachments. The working volume has changed since 2997 up 3604 cm3. The engine has direct fuel injection (working pressure — 200 bar), the phasers on the inlet and outlet, and a system for adjusting the stroke of the intake valves. And, of course, not without exotics — as 3.0 V6, this engine also boasts a lubrication system dry sump.

For transmission only hybrid and diesel version of the Cayenne unified with Touareg: they have permanent four-wheel drive with a center differential with limited slip differential Torsen. The rest of the Cayennes moment on the front wheel transmits its motor-controlled multi-disc clutch as the Panamera hatchback. Disclaimer permanent all-wheel drive is a saving of 33 kg of weight and reduction of power losses. When calculating the degree of inter-axle lock coupling is taken into account a lot of parameters: speed of the accelerator to the rotation angle of the steering wheel and move the wheel vertically. When motion is normal to the front wheels receives no more than 10% of thrust.

For extra charge Cayenne is equipped with a rear differential Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus with an electronically locking. Using it simultaneously with the braking of the inner wheel in a turn, the system allows you to give the most traction on the external loaded wheel and make the car more torque around the vertical axis. The differential is locked service frictions with electric drive. In off-road mode — up to 100%. The gearbox is a bit more compact and lighter than the representative of the previous generation.

Behind the scenes

Picked up some snow in the air at the sound of the supercharged motor.

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