The change of generations coupe Nissan GT-R long delayed

The change of generations coupe Nissan GT-R long delayed

Konstantin Bolotov, 15 hours ago. Photo: Nissan

The first virtual supercar Vision was created for the computer game Gran Turismo 6 last year. In 2015 at Tokyo motor show appeared the second prototype (in the illustration). Made in the form of full-scale models, he equivocally alluded on the new GT-R, to the output of which there are a couple of years.

In the prototype of the Nissan 2020 Vision Gran Turismo, shown in October, almost all, as in the first concept of the same name, saw the next generation of sports car Nissan GT-R. The audience began to wonder, when will the new coupe. Optimists are talking about the year 2017, pessimistic about 2018, but now it turns out that the wait would be much longer. Division Director of Nissan Australia, Richard emery told Motoring publication — the current successor of the «Gee-ti-Ara» is unlikely to emerge in this decade: «to be honest, the new GT-R the company is not even discussed, it is not visible on the horizon even in 2019. It is not in the list of planned products for this period», — explained the Manager.

The emergence of the current sport coupe Nissan GT-R was preceded by a rich history, and he is in the first generation since 2007. Of course, the car was updated, but to stall with the change life cycle to 13 years…

According to insiders, the development of a new «g-t-Ara» in the United States and Europe was suspended due to increasingly harsh rules of the American regulators. If it took the strengthening of the roof and some body panels, as well as changes in interior decoration. All this moved the start of production until at least 2018. Recall that competence in one voice is called «second» GT-R hybrid, tipped his three-liter «turbosystems», as the prototype Nissan GT-R LM Nismo, and four-door counterpart with Infiniti nameplates.

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