The company KIA has sent frost three new vehicles

The company KIA has sent frost three new vehicles

kia rio
kia picanto
kia soul
kia spionera Leonid Popov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien Unlike the previous generation, the new hatchback has no triangular window in the front of the rack. H atverti generation of piatigorski Kia Rio should enter the market only in mid-2017. But now the new hatchback was spotted on road tests in Northern Europe. His predecessor, recall, appeared in the beginning of 2011. As before, Rio will be a close relative of the models of Hyundai Accent/Solaris. And the next generation will be released this year.

Compared to the hatchback in the back of the changer UB will have more space on the second row and the trunk is bigger.

But the new Picanto hatchback much like the present but is likely to be a bit larger.

It is unclear whether the difference in the back of a Rio hatchback for China with Russia (they now have QB-plant index) and for Korea, Europe and USA (index UB). As you know, similar to and differ sedans: although they resemble each other in appearance, but have a number of original body parts. Apparently, while we see a global version Rio.

Testers have graciously allowed the photographer to look into the interior of the car, in the trunk and even under the bonnet the Picanto.

Model Soul soon waiting for restyling. In its course will be adjusted headlights, front bumper and grille, and lights. Other details should become clearer later, in particular, will modify the interior.

Been updated in the past year, the baby A-class Kia Picanto second generation is also available from 2011. Premiere generation number three will take place already this year, and while in the Swedish province Lappland for the first time managed to see a pre-production sample. By the way, it was tested together with a whole bunch of other cars with the nameplates Hyundai and Kia. So in the coming months, not just Koreans will be pleased with us. kia rio kia picanto kia soul kia spionera

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