The concept Lexus LF-FC showed the face of the future LS sedan

The concept Lexus LF-FC showed the face of the future LS sedan

Leonid Popov, 1 hour ago. Photo: Lexus

Corporate «spindle» grille in place, but the grid in it is very unusual. Daytime running lights in an L shape this time emphasize a very narrow lights with an angled bottom edge.

To the company Lexus has revealed the promised concept, representing «the future of luxury». He named the LF-FC, and now the manufacturer frankly declares that the show car demonstrates the style and technology that we see in the new flagship sedan. Speaking of his profile, the firm uses half-forgotten definition of «four-door coupe», explaining that appearances need to explicitly hint at the sporting quality of the machine.

Compared to conventional «El ECOM» fourth generation concept is longer than 240 mm (5300), wider at 125 (2000), but below a few inches (1410 mm in concept, 1455-1481 in LS, depending on the version). The concept is bigger than even the long wheelbase version of a modern sedan LS.

The streamlined silhouette of the car accentuate the 21-inch wheels, the Central part which is made of aluminum, and the rim is made of carbon fiber. The Japanese did not disclose the full specifications of the car, but indicate that the movement of his lead motors: separate rear and two built into the front wheels. The power for this unit provides a fuel cell. So the prediction about the appearance of the hydrogen Lexushas come true.

According to the President of the company Tokwa Fukuichi, the company is more than just a car. It is designed to capture the imagination, to evoke strong emotions appearance and stuffing.

The unit fuel cells are hidden in the back of a sedan, power electronics — front and cylinders with hydrogen between them. Thus it was possible to obtain a uniform weight distribution along the axes and move the tank with gas closer to the center (it’s safer in case of accident). According to the manufacturer, the car handles well in turns, not least thanks to a clever system, controlling in every moment the distribution of traction between all motors.

The interior concept designers visually divided into upper and lower halves. Top together with narrow a-pillars, gives the driver a feeling of lightness and openness, helps to focus on the road. Audio and «climate» can be controlled by gestures without touching the Central screen. Above the tunnel is visible, the hologram, marking the position of the control zone.

Regulated in multiple areas of the rear seats you can almost lie down. The entire interior is finished in a high quality aniline leather.

Sedan LF-FC is equipped with the function of Autonomous driving and is able to see the whole situation around, to predict its changes and to decide on the next maneuver. The company believes that over time the autopilots varying degrees of complexity will reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum. Drones over the Japanese auto giant has been working for several years, and of course, the LS sedan in the new generation will be based on the most advanced version of such a complex.

Lights in style resonate with daytime running lights in the front.

The appearance of the serial version of the car is expected in the next year, on the same basis will be issued and coupe Lexus LC. Under the hood of both cars as a base engine is expected to «eight» and, most likely, it will be five-liter unit from the model GS F. Apart from him, as in the previous generation, the new «El-ESA» must be the hybrid version. According to unofficial data, there may be two (V6 and V8). Finally, as demonstrated by the current show car, the first in the Lexus flagship sedan will receive a modification on fuel cells.

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