The Creator of the coupe Chevrolet Camaro think of «heated» version 2.0

The Creator of the coupe Chevrolet Camaro think of "heated" version 2

chevrolet camaro Leonid Popov, 9 hours ago. Photo: Chevrolet, Cadillac, Steve Fecht Creating a coupe 1LE with the «six» (pictured), the engineers have not changed the settings. Were refined chassis and aerodynamics. In the case of the Camaro with a two-liter engine can expect and forces, forces commercials to 300-310 (Junior close to the Mustang). Now this produces 279 HP and 400 N•m.

G main engineer of the coupe Chevrolet Camaro al Oppenheiser did not rule out the emergence of a sports package, on the model of the recently debuted 1LE, now for younger versions with two-liter turbo engine. The idea, says al, he likes. In conversation with the correspondent Authority of the GM Oppenheiser said: «would Prefer that our customers bought something from our catalog of Performance parts. But if you want to show good times on the circle, then just the car from the factory».

The debut of the Camaro 1LE was held last week at the auto show in Chicago. Here Oppenheiser stands next to the eight-cylinder version of the 1SS 1LE.

Adapted to the 1LE track options Americans have created in previous generations of the Camaro, but this year the real surprise was adding a similar modification with V6.

The engineer also explained that to such step he pushed the young enthusiasts of the model, for which a more affordable two-liter version could become the first Camaro purchase. «I call these people the fast and the Furious (referring to the movie Fast and the Furious), he said Oppenheiser. They also watched Transformers, saw Bumblebee. They were older now and can afford a Camaro with «turboservice». Some of them just write the blogs that I dream about sports kit-the kit and not buy the Camaro, while this will not appear». chevrolet camaro

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