The Ferrari of Environmental will give life to a new model

The Ferrari of Environmental will give life to a new model

Boris Ulzibat, 40 minutes ago. Photo Drive, Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

A hybrid car is already largely based on race. Carbon fiber monocoque made using technologies Formula 1 seats are not regulated, as are part of the power structures of the body… the Further development track of the machine seems quite logical.

With the look expensive and powerful serial Ferrari modernity — model Environmental was released a year ago at the Geneva motor show. The hybrid drive, consisting of 800-strong motor V12 and electric motor, outstanding 163 HP, acceleration to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, and factory Fiorano track 1 minute 20 seconds… That’s impressive. But it was planned to produce only 499 these machines, and, despite the exorbitant price 1 200 000 Euro, all the copies were sold out even before the premiere. However, one year later, the company’s President Luca di Montezemolo said in an interview: «Many customers are disappointed that we were not able to become owners of Environmental. For them we have prepared something special.» In the details it go did not, but variants of development of events a little.

There are rumors that the Porsche with time there appears a car standing between models 911 and 918. But for today this segment is essentially only McLaren 650S.

First, it may appear vehicle created on the basis of Environmental, but with more modest power plant (for example, with hybrid drive and supercharged «eight» or purely a gasoline car with the same engine V12). Such a car would be a good intermediate between mid-engined models Ferrari 458 and Environmental, as now the gap is enormous. However, there is another option — factory the FXX program, which in the case of model Enzo was a heavily modified racing car, which included the storage and maintenance of machines specialists Ferrari.

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