The Finance Ministry has proposed to pay the luxury tax

The Finance Ministry has proposed to pay the luxury tax

Anastasia Korolkova, 36 minutes ago. Photo Drive and Nissan

In 2014 in the list of cars that cost 3 to 5 million rubles was 187 and now 279. The list now includes all three models of Chevrolet in Russia, Corvette, Tahoe and Camaro. Previously there were none.

In a recently published letter «On the application of raising factors for the payment of the transport tax» signed by the Deputy Director of the Department of tax and customs tariff policy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Vitaly Prokayeva States that when calculating the tax for 2014 must use the new list of luxury cars, which the Ministry approved only on February 27. A legal entity has already filed a Declaration, but they recommended taking into account innovations to update them, and individuals only in September will receive a receipt, which will probably be corrected.

Now refers to a luxury and Nissan Patrol. If before tax in Moscow amounted to about 61, 000, we now collect more than 90,000.

Recall not so long ago was published an updated list of cars that fall under the definition of luxury (worth over three million), which is due to the devaluation of the ruble has increased by half. The Finance Ministry noted that higher rates will only apply to new vehicles released in 2014. According to the Ministry, not so many of them were added. While lawyers have noted that innovation does not comply with tax laws, but to challenge it in court will be difficult.

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