«The first Ford Mustang will once again go on sale

"The first Ford Mustang will once again go on sale

And American company Revology Cars tomorrow, March 14, at the competition Amelia Island Concours d’elegance will present a replica of the first Mustang. She accurately copies the appearance of the prototype (the car could be restored). The fact that there is used the body that licenses Ford now small series produced by the company Dynacorn. And it is the detail to detail is created according to the original drawings 1960-X. the only Difference in the grade of steel (now stronger) and modern welding.

Interior design copies the original, but the inside of the dash-mounted display, and in the ashtray hidden USB connector.

Under the «skin» authenticity is not met. For example, McPherson strut and axle, mounted on three levers, developed by the Australian company RRS specially for this project.

Five-liter «eight» is taken from the modern Mustang. Transmission — «mechanics» or «machine» to choose from. Classic «paddles» on the doors when pressed, activate the power locks. Led lighting, rack and pinion steering mechanism and a collapsible column, three-point seat belts, protective beams in the doors, disc brakes on all wheels — more examples of departure from Canon.

Tom Scarpello, the company’s founder, calls the project a post-modern interpretation of the Mustang. However, body parts can be removed and put on the old Ford Mustang will fit into one.

The price of the car is $119 500. Moreover, the company intends to issue in addition to the open version yet and fastback, similar to 100% copy the appearance model 1964 1/2-1966 period (often represent the first Mustang, with half of the year). Fresh examples of such returns legends, when is not just a replica, but uses drawings and details of the original, you can remember reinkarnovania Jaguar E-type, Lister Jaguar Knobbly and Jaguar Mark 2, and Singer 911 (classic Porsche 901 series).

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