The five-door Karl will be the most affordable Opel

The five-door Karl will be the most affordable Opel

Leonid Popov, 22 hours ago. Photo: Opel

The smallest Opel received the ten body colors and a set of wheels up to 16-inch.

N emtsy has unveiled a new budget hatchback Opel Karl (in the UK, Vauxhall Viva). Built on the platform of GM’s Global Small (Gamma II) the car is a twin of the new two-seater, which will appear only next year. The five-door hatch Karl is intended to replace in the line model Opel Agila (fellow Suzuki Splash). And positioned Karl will be both more affordable and practical alternative stylish Adam. By the way, Carl is the name of the son of Adam Opel, founder of the brand.

The length of a new — 3,68 m She is two inches shorter than Adam and six — Agile. This almost coincides with the length now produced Sparks (after the restyling he 3675 mm).

The engine is claimed only one: one litre three-cylinder «atmospheric» Ecotec power 75 HP, which causes the front axle through a five-step «mechanics». About chassis representatives of the company say that the nodes are reconfigured in order to provide the best comfort and controllability.

The head of the brand Karl-Thomas Neumann calls the new «real Opel» and «adult vehicle», despite its modest dimensions. The interior is designed for five.

Despite budgetary positioning, Karl may be well equipped. In the «base» includes assistant when starting uphill and adjustable speed limiter. And depending on the configuration (or as an option) then you can find rear Parking sensors and fog-lights by function-backlight turns, heated front seats and steering wheel, glass sunroof, IntelliLink multimedia system with integration of iOS and Android smartphones.

Tidy repeats a set of tools Corsi E. On the expensive versions — switchable stabilization and steering with City mode, and tracking system for marking.

The presence of two models-the twins (Chevrolet Spark new generation Opel Karl) concern not bother, because brand Chevrolet will leave Europe next year. The public debut of Karl, will likely be held in Geneva in March. And you know exactly what is on sale in Europe hatch will appear in the summer of 2015 with a starting price of less than EUR 10 000. In the Russian office of Opel discuss the possibility o Charles on our market, but the decision is still pending. It all depends on the economic situation in the country, because the model that purposefully positioned as available, our office would like to sell at a really attractive price.

The History Of Opel Agila

Hatchback Opel Agila first generation was a product of badge-engineering: the Germans changed their way is already known at the time, city-car Suzuki Wagon R+. Produced such Opel in Poland from 2000 to 2007. Under the hood is tiny length just 3535 mm was mounted petrol engines 1.0 and 1.2 (from a family of GM Family 0), and 1.3 diesel (from fetovskogo family JTD).

The second generation Agila B — emerged in 2007. This time it was originally a joint project of the Opel and Suzuki. Both models show (Agila and Splash) stood on a single Assembly line of Suzuki in Hungary. Motors (liter 65 forces, 1.2 86 HP and diesel 1.3 75 HP) actually moved from its predecessor. But the hatchback grew up 3,74 m and other representatives of the segment stood out decent space in the cabin, although the trunk was not the most spacious. Presumably, Agila remain on the conveyor until 2015.

History of the name Viva

The name Viva originally used Vauxhall from 1963 to 1979. Under this title the British produced three generations of the rear-wheel drive cars that received the bodies coupe, three-door station wagon and a regular sedan. The first Viva was built on the grounds Cadet, but to call it a simple product of badge-engineering is impossible. The same is true of the other two generations. In fact, it were the original cars on the GM units, reminiscent of several models of the concern.

In 2004, he held a brief revival of the name Viva, and in Russia and already with the name Chevrolet. Under this title JV GM-AVTOVAZ until the spring of 2008 were released out of date at the moment saloon Astra G, which is in great demand not used. Finally, in 2005-2009 old name borrowed Australian Holden, denoting so his version of the family Daewoo/Chevrolet Lacetti.

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