The head of the concern PSA told what to expect from the transaction with Chinese

The head of the concern PSA told what to expect from the transaction with Chinese

Anastasia Korolkova, 1 day ago. Photo: PSA

In the past year, the negative operating cash flow Peugeot has decreased to 426 million euros with 3 billion euros a year earlier. The French expect to come back to a positive operational cash flow no later than two years.

With the announcement about the sale of a part of shares of the concern PSA Peugeot Citroen Chinese company Dongfeng finally signed. Under those conditions, discussed were the previously. But what this deal will mean for the French? About this and also about the long term in the framework of the recent press-conference spoke the head of the concern Carlos Tavares, who, by the way, recently assumed office.

Thanks to the Chinese in the concern PSA plans to increase its co-production in 2015 up to 750 thousand cars per year, that is two-thirds more than the current rates.

As you emerge from the crisis? According to Тавареса, the restructuring plan will focus on reducing the number of models and the emergence of a more competitive vehicles. By the way, cut model range plan primarily in developing countries and markets where sales are not very, such markets including Russia, but what cars we can lose is unclear.

Infographics broadly explains the future of the French in cooperation with the Chinese.

Head of the group confirmed the previously appeared rumors that in the future ситроеновская the premium line DS will be allocated in the separate brand, which is able, according to the French, compete with Audi cars. However, in a separate sub-brand these machines will allocate soon, and to bring the model DS until a truly competitive level, generally emit already 20 years. Regarding the representatives of the company Dongfeng, they expect that by 2020, the annual sales of the group reached half a million cars a year. Very optimistic forecasts!

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