The Japanese have revived the Toyota Land Cruiser 70

The Japanese have revived the Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Anastasia Korolkova, 11 hours ago. Photo: Toyota

SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 70 will be sold only in Japan. The manufacturer plans to sell 200 revived all-wheel drive vehicles on a monthly basis.

P proizvoditeli in most cases, do not miss the anniversaries of their models and prefer to celebrate their special edition series. Unfortunately, the case is usually limited to the labeling of markers, and the repainting of the body in a new color. But Toyota decided to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the SUV Land Cruiser back on the conveyor belt Land Cruiser 70, which production in Japan ended in 2004.

Land Cruiser 70 series was born in 1984. In fact, he was the fruit of the restyling of the previous model. But then the word «restyling» was not in Vogue, and the car was given the index of 70. It was produced in the form of a pickup truck, and as a passenger model. In the domestic market, the all-wheel drive vehicle sold until 2004.

Problems with environmental standards should not be: on the Land Cruiser 70 will install modern chetyrehlitrovy V6 rated at 231 PS (360 N•m). The engine will be aggregated with no alternative five-step «mechanics». But how will be able to fit the car under modern regulations on passive safety is unclear. After the Japanese claim that in the rest of the SUV will be identical to the old one. External and structural innovations to bring they’re not going. To release the jubilee all-wheel drive vehicle is planned during the year. If the demand is high, the manufacturer may leave Land Cruiser 70 on the conveyor.

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