The model of the posture of the driver before the accident

The model of the posture of the driver before the accident

Constantine Bolotov, 17 hours ago. Illustration: Toyota

Human body model worked out in minute detail: digitized bones, skin, internal organs, even the brain. The program provides a detailed analysis of all the possible damages that can occur in an accident.

And sledovatel Toyota since 1997 to develop a virtual human model, called THUMS (Total Human Model for Safety). Today they unveiled the fifth version of this computer program. Previous (sample 2010) were able to simulate the posture of the driver and passengers after the accident, able to simulate new reflexive «defensive actions» are people in the car for a moment before an unavoidable collision.

Since 2000, when the first commercial (still have the academic version of THUMS, it has acquired dozens of companies around the world. Buyers mainly engaged in the production of automotive components and conduct research in the field of security.

It comes to sharp movements of the hands on the handlebars, feet on the pedals and other attempts to defend himself before impact, as well as a relaxed state, when the threat is not seen. Updated the THUMS model will help to better study the effectiveness of seatbelts, airbags and other equipment, such as collision avoidance systems. Useful software and the medics, but he under no circumstances cannot be used for military purposes — this is a requirement of the license.

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