The new hatchback Skoda Fabia will reset camouflage autumn

The new hatchback Skoda Fabia will reset camouflage autumn

Leonid Popov, 3 hours ago. Photo: Stefan Baldauf/SB-Medien

The radiator grille and headlights new Fabia similar to those that the Rapid lift back.

P atevery Skoda Fabia of the third generation will be released to the markets in different countries already in the end of this or early next year, after official debut at the Paris motor show in October 2014. With the appearance of new products, made in the spirit of the last models of the brand, all more or less clear is the first spy shots before you. But about the hardware it is possible to speculate.

The range of engines will likely be similar range of engines updated Polo hatchback. Will open its liter three-cylinder unit with efficiency of 60 PS, on top will be located 1.4 TSI of 150 forces. But from the «hot» version RS Czechs will refuse because of low demand.

Sources called platform fabii — MQB-A. if this shortened universal modular «cart» of Volkswagen, which tipped and Polo hatch next generation. For suspensions is not that clear. Yes, the combination of McPherson and torsion beam — universal recipe in this segment, and here is what will be used parts?

Large angular lights fabii evoke associations with pyatidverny Rapid-or, rather, with rapid Spaceback. The length of the new product should be a little more current Fabia (in the recall exactly four meters). Gamma body? It is unlikely that we will see more and universal Fabia Combi (it would be too cross hatch Rapid Spaceback). But the appearance of related sedan it is not difficult to predict, at least in some markets. Recall that in India is produced sedan Rapid — turned variant of the model Polo Sedan, which have all the same fabii closest «relative».

According to the newspaper Car Advice, Fabia borrow chassis (with amendments) the predecessor. We believe that the company will pull the same trick as with the rapid. For him modules front and rear suspensions picked up from the previous models Skoda, but strengthened and changed track. Were increased, and the wheelbase. The result: the platform A05+, which is essentially a modernized A05/PQ25 (it is now used for Polo sedan). Well, she, in turn, is a product of evolution «truck» A04/PQ24 (Fabia second generation).

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