The Opel Mokka SUV from Belarus will go to Russia

The Opel Mokka SUV from Belarus will go to Russia

Anastasia Korolkova, 3 hours ago. Photo: Opel

SKD crossover will be launched from the vehicle coming from GM Korea plant. Model Mokka is very popular in our country — last year sold 22 763 machines.

To the company «unison» recently announced the start of production crossover Opel Mokka on its site in the Minsk region of Belarus. Negotiations with the «Unison» GM led for several years and planned to build an Assembly of hatcha Corsa. I never got the chance, but the Mochi on the conveyor still steel and, most interestingly, these machines will be supplied to Russia.

Now the price crossover Opel Mokka we begin with 830 thousand rubles for a car with 140-horsepower engine and the «mechanics». Belarusian trucks are unlikely to be cheaper.

Recall, to 2016-mu Opel company completely will leave the Russian market, the Mokka SUV stopped to collect on Kaliningrad «Avtotor» in the beginning of the year. Gamma modification of the crossover, which will be produced at the plant near Minsk, coincides with the Russian. According to preliminary data, the first batch will go entirely to our country the benefit of both countries cooperate in the framework of the single customs space. Later on the «Unison» plan to establish an Assembly of some models of the Cadillac brand, which is also, most likely, will go to Russia.

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