The prototype of the Nissan GT-R Nismo LM was surprised with front-wheel drive

The prototype of the Nissan GT-R Nismo LM was surprised with front-wheel drive

Leonid Popov, 56 minutes ago. Photo: Nissan

The length of the car is equal 4645 mm, a width of 1900 mm, height 1030 mm Body made of carbon fiber allowed to obtain 880 kg minimum weight. By the way, the choice of actuator, according to the creators of the machine, partly be explained by the desire to minimize the weight of the aggregates.

I Ponza has introduced a new car LMP1 class for the world championship on races on endurance WEC. The most unexpected is the location of the engine in the «nose» (but still within a database) and front-wheel drive. Not even full, which according to the rules allowed the hybrids (rivals the rear axle rotates the internal combustion engine, and front — motor). That meant last year’s word of the Japanese on the other path, which resolved to go when building a machine, able to fight for the ultimate title.

Power on the front wheel passes the five-step «sequence», as well as a limited slip differential with a hydraulic drive. The most intriguing statement from the company: we are a laboratory for testing ideas for the first time the GT-R the future. Surely we are waiting for a front wheel drive car? Incredible.

Under the hood of the new car worth petrol unit 3.0 V6 twin-turbo with direct injection and recovery system KERS kinetic energy. Together in racing mode, they throw around 1250 HP With this power, the Japanese somehow managed front-wheel drive. But at tremendous traction wheels need to take another huge lateral force, seasoning machine in turn. Here, of course, to suspect the trick with polnoupravlyaemye chassis and (or) running through the wires. But the LMP1 regulations expressly prohibits both. In the class rules, even the power steering is allowed simple, i.e. without any secondary functions like automatic steering and correction.

Technical Director of Nissan program LMP1 Ben Bowlby said that the new machine and the static weight distribution is shifted to the front axle, and aerodynamics loads first.

Note, many body Championships (say, WTCC) long-confident «rides» on the front drive. And racing stamina in Nissan will be rivals with the drive on both axes (even if carried out by a hybrid component). Meanwhile, the riders say, with a well-tuned machine there is not much difference between front wheel drive you have or rear. This is if you go by land. But in the rain… Maybe there is a front-drive car will be easier to fly.

Indeed, the Japanese experimenters right, saying that this car is not like any other in Le Mans. The front wheels there is wider rear discs (16 x 13 vs 16 x 9 inches, tires 31/71-16 front, 20/71-16 — back). Turned out kind of Deltawing Vice versa.

The big advantage that allows the rear wheel when starting and intense acceleration from low speeds (when loaded rear axle), can influence the final result only in sprints. In competitions endurance this point is almost irrelevant. Right if Nissan designers by choosing this scheme you will understand only after the first race of the season WEС. By the way, it kicks off at Silverstone on April 12.

Mark’s Wife is first claimed by the pilot, who will lead a new prototype for circuit championship WEC. Last year, mark managed the prototype of the Audi R18 e-tron quattro, taking second place in the marathon «24 hours of Le Mans. And until 2012 for several years he defended the honor of Peugeot. Now he has to rein in the launch of a new Le Mans race car. That, of course, differs in the management says the Wife. And yet the company believes that the new product will be one of the best in terms of efficiency. This is not the last thing in the race: rules WEC now not limit the power of the power unit, and the maximum instantaneous fuel consumption and the number of megajoules, which can be used on the circle from the KERS system. And how much you will get in the amount of «horses» — the concern of the designers.

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