The Russians offered an alternative to the city-Karam Smart

The Russians offered an alternative to the city-Karam Smart

mirrow provocator
design Konstantin Bolotov, 4 hours ago. Illustration Of Alexander Malyshev. Photo of Igor Ermilin and manufacturers The length of a concept corresponds exactly to the old Smart Fortwo hatch (2695 mm). When this machine is much wider than the new Smart Forfour: 1980 mm without side mirrors against the mirrors in 1665. The height of any comparable Smart — 2045 mm (in the cabin from floor to ceiling — 1800).

M oskvig Alexander Malyshev sent to the editor of Drive the project to a wide four-seater city car Mirrow Provocator length with the Smart Fortwo the previous generation. Access to the salon through the sliding rear door with opening of 170×60 cm, and the Seating arranged on either side of the Central aisle. The machine is essentially a frame and modular body — a combination of polymers, including those obtained from processing recycled materials. Looks like another student project, but the author — a 42-year-old businessman, although not associated with the automotive industry.

Small doors on the sides are intended exclusively for emergency evacuation from the car. For maximum rigidity of the body they are located high from the ground and is provided with the power element, playing the role of «security shield». The excess pillow menu — 12 pieces.

The draft law does not specify any target exonormative or fuel consumption, but indicated the desired dynamics — acceleration to 100 km/h in 8.7 s, top speed — 140 km/h. Front-wheel-drive machine have enough gasoline or diesel three-cylinder turbo volume up to 1.5 l of those that exist on the market. Gearbox — any. Malyshev was not going to release Provocateurs, and intends to sell the license for the project and possibly to supply to the interested companies of the body, made on existing polymer companies. And the base price supposedly kept at 3500-4500 euros, 315, 000. Today the cheapest Ravon Matiz without airbags and ABS is 314 thousand.

A wide passage in the center of the car used for the carriage of baggage: it’s like you can put a few suitcases or a couple of bicycles. (The process of loading/unloading is submitted: you will need a loader?) To an accident, the Luggage didn’t fly through the cabin, there will be a special attachment.

The idea originated in 2013. Own calculations showed that reducing the length of the car is an effective way of dealing with congestion: the short cars increase road capacity. Under this de sauce Mirrow can be submitted to the state, for example. The first prototype of the OneDoorCar (ODC) in accordance with the title had only one rear door. Now it’s understanding of the need for lateral evacuation apertures. On the layout decision is the subject of an international patent application. On the project Malyshev works, attracting freelancers.

Platform, engine and box, the author intends to obtain from existing brands, perhaps Asian. Under the floor there is a place for batteries — a possible hybrid or even electric car with a power reserve of 350-400 km Target markets — India, China and even Japan.

While there is only a 3D model, which made the renders. The search for investors and sponsors to create a slow-moving full-scale layout, which has to be taken for exhibitions. Alexander was in talks with chemical companies says, they are interested. The author is convinced that cars like the Provocateur there is also potential in the commercial segment. Modular can be delivery and courier vehicles, mini-vans, foodtrace, taxi and so on. If necessary, you can make extra long up to 3,5 m version with six seats or more cargo volume. (A similar solution was proposed in 2010 Studio Pininfarina.)

Interchangeable polymer blocks serve a protective function and can serve as a means of identification. As may seem ironic, but the Creator of this baby moves on the pick-up truck Nissan Titan with its four-seater cabin.

If the name of the Provocator in the translation does not, the meaning should be clear Mirrow. It was formed by the merger of Mirror and Tomorrow: the machine as a reflection of the future. The prototype raises many questions, primarily in terms of security. The kid wants almost 12 airbags, but the people he’s vulnerable to punches from the side and back, and the aisle filled up with things. We sympathize with a licensing model, which involved the release of a specialized company. However, the market niche, which is claimed Mirrow, is not empty: create modular projects who is just not engaged. However, our reader just wants to know public opinion, and we can help him.

The comment of the expert

At our request an expert assessment of the project Provocator Mirrow gave Igor Ermilin, Advisor to the President of the Russian automobile Federation, chief designer of the project Marussia.

«The concept is interesting and perhaps has a right to exist. It seems a little narrow door and passage. Especially for winter wear. I think it can only be checked on the Seating layout. The design is attractive, the interior is somewhat rustic. Solution one door is interesting, but in some cases impractical, when the driver will need to go with three passengers, suitcases, a snowboard and a pair of mountain bikes in the cabin, — explains Igor Ermilin.

— «Crease-resistant» frame and lack of deformable areas can lead to the exceeding of critical values of decelerations in crash tests. Suitcases and «the rest» in the passage can also be dangerous in case of accidents and rollover crashes. Close the ratio of the base and track will make a car prowling at the movement, and together with the huge windage — and dangerous at speeds over 100 km/h and side wind. The stated price is questionable. But the car is cute and a more detailed study may be required».


Remembering odnodverki, not to mention the tiny BMW Isetta, which in «the gate» was turned the entire front end. Experiments with the entrance to the car only through the back door, of course, in the automotive industry was carried out more than once. We found a few examples and found that the solution has taken root only in special vehicles for disabled people. Everything else is the prototype.

On the folding porch with a single door, raised with a panoramic roof, passengers waiting for a beautiful carpet, velvet pillows, gold trim and walnut, a refrigerator and a radio system. Note the asymmetrical ass. On the left the car seems a sedan on the right is like the station wagon or shooting break.

American Mohs Seaplane Corporation in 1967 set out to start small-scale production of single door models Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan. A luxury car was supposed to be a competitor to the then Cadillacs, rolls Royce and Bugatti. Based enthusiasts took the chassis of a truck from the International Harvester company, under the long hood put a five-liter «eight». Next single prototype did not go down and the car 40 years rotting in the garage. Its restoration was completed in 2009. Now Ostentatienne Opera Sedan on display in the Museum in Illinois.

Horlacher Saxi electric car was released edition of ten copies. They provided Shuttle service to the Leipzig fair, then were sold to private individuals.

In 1993, the Swiss company Horlacher has developed a prototype electric microcar Saxikurier. Machine length 2370 mm, width 1500, height 1885 mm and a curb weight of 775 kg is powered by motor power kW 12-14 (16-19 HP). Lead-acid battery is charged to 80% within three hours and provide a power reserve of 50 km Maximum speed was 80 km/h. the Body was a monocoque made of fiberglass. Access to the salon — only through a hinged rear door. Horlacher Saxi was able to take aboard up to five people: the passengers had to sit on the sides, facing each other.

The length of Greenland Kangaroo — 2220 mm, width 1600, height 1555, weight — 550 kg. of Wheel spin of two electric motor power 2,2 kW (3 HP) each. The maximum speed reaches 55 km/h mileage without recharging — up to 60 km.

In the Arsenal of Chinese company Changzhou Greenland Vehicle has electric Kangaroo, also known under the name of Volteco Bonitas. This single machine for the disabled: the driver drives to the workplace through the back door directly into the stroller (she is fixed by fasteners), all control is manual. Machine for sale in Russia and costs about one million rubles. Such an instance is called Kenguru is manufactured in Hungary and at one time was offered in the UK. mirrow mirrow provocator design

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