The successor of the Honda S2000 reduced motor displacement to the output

The successor of the Honda S2000 reduced motor displacement to the output

Leonid Popov, 2 hours ago. Illustrations: Honda, Milos Dvorak

The style of the new model will imitate the coupe NSX (pictured) and uses a reshaped chassis from him. Because the informal project name — baby NSX.

About that Honda intends to bring to market ideological successor of Roadster S2000, insiders say . As the project has acquired a more concrete shape, it became clear that a new car will leave from the former only the name, but maybe not — only the potential audience. Instead of a Roadster with the engine placed in the front, suddenly drew a mid-engined coupe. Well, at least two liters of volume to the machine will inherit, argued in the company recently. Now, according to AutoExpress magazine, decided to put on the model «turbochetverku» 1.5. Rationale — increasing requirements for fuel economy and ecology.

Patent drawings (one colored independent Illustrator) do not accurately reflect the future look of the coupe, but allow him to submit.

Probably this will be the unit from the Earth Dreams VTEC Turbo, which recently appeared on the tenth Civic, but in the coupe it will have your settings. In addition, initially the engine will Supplement the motor. The combined impact of the power plant will consist of 300 «horses» with a small (S2000, by the way, was a maximum of 250).

Released in 2009, final version of the Roadster S2000 — Ultimate Edition — was equipped with a removable hard top, so that could pass for a coupe.

According to British journalists, the market Junior coupe NSX will be released in 2018 (you can assume the return of a historic nameplate S2000 or a corresponding volume of motor S1500). We add that the car is created primarily for the US. Because there are Honda dealers will get the NSX coupe (it will go straight to the salons Acura). And so they will be able to offer their customers something close in spirit and appearance. As a result, customers will be able to purchase let less powerful creature, but more affordable: estimated coupe at about $75 000 to $150 000 for big brother, the NSX.

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