The world will see the Lamborghini Cabrera in the middle of 2014

The world will see the Lamborghini Cabrera in the middle of 2014

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Presumably, the 600-strong Lamborghini Cabrera will be able to travel at speeds of more than 330 km/h and acceleration up to a hundred will occupy a little more than three seconds. Coupe Gallardo LP570-4 is capable of 325 km/h and 3.7 C.

E Pohang Lamborghini Gallardo ended. And it was epoch — already 10 years on the Assembly line! The Italians have ceased production of his youngest models 25 November 2013, and the last released Gallardo was Roadster LP 570-4 Spyder Performante red, went into a private collection. Since 2003 has been done 14 022 car that is almost half of the total number of the issued and outstanding Lamborghini in company history. What’s next? In mid-2014, the public needs to gasp: we will show the serial successor Gallardo. We already know, he received a new name — Cabrera. But that’s not all.

Antsy classic «robot» e-gear will give place to the new преселективной gearbox with two «wet» clutch.

The Lamborghini Cabrera will be built on a new platform from Audi R8 next generation. Aluminum body structure, covered with panels of «winged» metal and composite, becomes stronger and easier, which will make the operating weight двухдверки less than 1400 kg Suspension will remain двухрычажными and types of drive will still two: rear and complete. Behind the seats will be located the same atmospheric motor V10 5.2 with direct injection, but engineers will bring its capacity up to 600 forces (instead of 570), and a combined fuel consumption will reduce by 10-15%. True, and you will have to pay more — from 165 thousand pounds (198 thousand euros). Although Ferrari 458 Italia even more, from 169 545 pounds (a little more 203 thousand euros).

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